As I write this it’s Saturday and my Instagram is full of #LFW. I’m supposed to be working, I have deadline reminders flashing up on my phone, but all I can think is that they’re interrupting some serious Insta scrolling. The truth is I’m supposed to be there. I was lucky enough to get invited to a few shows and I went back and forth trying to decide whether to go or not. But these are the joys of juggling it all and finding that work-life balance.

And this my reality at the moment. As I spend another weekend feeling guilty about working, I’ll give you a little glimpse into why it’s non negotiable. My average day at the moment looks something like this:

Wake up and check all social media channels to catch up

– Get ready for work, post on Instagram or push a blog post live

– Grab breakfast and head off to work

– Work until lunch and check social media again. Depending on the day I’ll run a 5k, book a kitchen measure appointment, edit photos or scour Pinterest (you can follow me HERE)for wedding ideas

After work I write blog posts, schedule social media, research suppliers for the wedding, meet the plumber/electrician/builder, design wedding invite, shoot Instagram posts, check Analytics, listen to podcasts and check in on SEO

And don’t even get me started on weekends! Now, you might think I’m vying for a lonely violin here (I won’t turn one down if you have one) but finding that work-life balance is tough and it’s something we’re all doing. Ok, you might not be renovating your house or planning a wedding (or both!) but the fact is we’re all taking on more and multi-tasking is getting harder and harder.



I was recently scrolling through one of my favourite blogs The Elgin Avenue when its creator, Monica Welburn referenced a podcast (episode 279 on Smart Passive Income) that I too had listened to the day before. As the host, Pat Flynn, interviewed Jessica Turner, the author of The Fringe Hours, she put a completely new spin on what we’re all striving for:

“. . . we’re trying to have balance, and there’s no such thing. Work isn’t separate from life; they bleed into each other. . . there might be times when you are working a ton, and work is really heavy, and that’s bleeding into your life. But if it’s work that you love and you’re satisfied, that isn’t going to have the same type of negative repercussions as if you’re working a lot and you hate the work that you do”

And it suddenly dawned on me that we spend every day feeling guilty about not putting enough in at work or neglecting our loved ones for the sake of a screen and maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves.

Why? Because the work-life balance is a lot simpler after all. If your relationships are good, you enjoy your work and you’re happy and healthy, does it matter if you spend more time working than relaxing? In a world where more of us have a side hustle * and our skills are transferrable, simply clocking in and out of the 9-5 is a a tradition of days gone by. We have more freedom and more distractions than ever before and our time has, in return, been taken up. Whether that’s from scrolling, starting our own thang or taking on more responsibilities, if it makes you happy perhaps a work-life balance is a term put in place to make us feel inadequate rather than fulfilled.

And do we really need yet another thing we’re failing at or not doing? I know I don’t!

*side hustle

A way to make extra cash in addition to your job