Lifestyle blogger Jessica Harris on the do's and dont's of being engaged

Lifestyle blogger Jessica Harris on the do's and dont's of being engaged

Lifestyle blogger Jessica Harris on the do's and dont's of being engaged

You’re soon to be a Mrs, congratulations! Being engaged is one of those moments where you can’t possibly foresee how you’re going to feel. Whether you long for that day or just wait to see what happens, it’s impossible not to imagine what it feels like to have the person you love most declare their love in such a monumental way. It’s an overwhelmingly happy moment and the days and months to come are full of excitement, stress and expectation.

It’s been 6 months since Toff proposed on top of Runyan Canyon in LA on the last day of an amazing 2 week California roadtrip. It was emotional, exhilarating and the happiest day of my life. Since being engaged we’ve loosely discussed the day and what we want and don’t want but the last two months have been ramped up to full-blown wedding mania, helped by this trip! So, in solidarity with other fellow brides, I wanted to share my experience so far and if you have any of your own tips to add please please let me know as I could do with all the help i can get!

Lifestyle blogger Jessica Harris on the do's and dont's of being engaged

Lifestyle blogger Jessica Harris on the do's and dont's of being engaged

Lifestyle blogger Jessica Harris on the do's and dont's of being engaged


With that sparkler firmly on your finger, don’t expect to get much done in the first few weeks while you stare at all its little details and get used to the bien feeling of something on your third digit. As tempting as it will be to start Googling everything from venues to stationary, this is your time – milk it! Everyone from your friends family and co-workers will want to know every little detail and you will get butterflies every time you relive it. From the words that were said to the tears shed and the phone calls to loved ones afterwards. Relish every single second of this for as long as you can. There’s going to be a lot of planning coming up, enjoy your new fiancee and being with your family and friends.


This is something I said I’d get to but there was always something more important to do. But, it wasn’t until I took my ring off to tan (needs must!) and forgot where I put it down. Cue heart-stopping panic and 45 minutes of frantic searching! Although thinking about something happening to my ring gives me heart palpitations, knowing that we wouldn’t completely lose a lot of money as well is a load off my mind. Take the pressure off by either taking out specific ring insurance or putting it on your house insurance. Shop around for the best quote but ultimately, you won’t regret it.


Probably one of the best things about being engaged is visualising what your day is going to look like. I’m a massive Pinterest user (as you can tell here) before but since getting engaged it’s accelerated ten fold. I started boards for my dress, table design, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, décor, food, favours and everything in between straight away, surprising myself at what I liked and what I didn’t. Whether you have a clear idea of what you’d like or none at all, this is a great place to start. By pinning random things that you think look pretty, useful or quirky, you can start to get an indication of what you do and don’t want from your wedding.


Trying to stop yourself from snapping up that dreamy venue and the florist you’ve always known you wanted is like trying not to be excited for the big day but be sure to take a minute to see what’s out there So many times I’ve convinced myself I’ve found The One in terms of crockery or favour ideas and gone on to find something even better. There’s nothing worse or more expensive than changing your mind and you have the luxury of time to try different things. .

Lifestyle blogger Jessica Harris on the do's and dont's of being engaged

Lifestyle blogger Jessica Harris on the do's and dont's of being engaged


Being engaged also means having stare-worthy nails to boot. You’re going to be showing that beautiful ring off a lot in the coming weeks and months and you don’t want unkept nails as a distraction. My manicure was chipped and nasty as we’d been in LA for two weeks when we got engaged, so for the first few days I had what I now call ‘claw hand’ – a clasped fist when showing my ring to hide my unsightly talons!


This one can be quite overwhelming at first but can be whittled down quickly. The easiest way I did was to try and narrow it down to the weather. Do you want a Christmas wedding or that gorgeous warm light of summer? Maybe you’d rather have it over a bank holiday so people don’t have to book days off work, or perhaps that’s going to be too expensive. Thinking of things like this will quickly narrow down a time of year, then a month and eventually a date.


Once you know what you want, it’s time to secure the big elements fast. Your venue, photographer and even the registrar can get booked up years in advance so make sure you get in there quick once you know what you want. If you’ve been holding out for that Rankin-style photographer before you even got engaged, you might need to be prepared to be flexible with the day to secure them.


Like all major events in your life, being engaged means that everyone loves to weigh in with an opinion. And before you know it, it becomes a balancing act to keep everyone happy – from your mum who wants to invite half the village to your dad and fiancee who are keeping a very close eye on the budget. Try to determine some non-negotiables from the start. Whether you’re restricted on numbers or have decided that you don’t want children included, gracefully and sensitively stand firm. Because ultimately you’re never going to please everyone, but you definitely do need to please yourself.


The less fun part of planning but arguably one of the most important when you get engaged. We are in the midst of this right now and it’s not easy. Try to keep a cool head and be prepared to negotiate, compromise and sacrifice on all fronts. So, you want a band AND a DJ, great, but why not have the band for less time and put a playlist on during dinner? You’re dreaming of white peonies but they’ll cost more out of season. Why not look into David Austin roses which look almost identical? Everything is worth exploring.


To a point. Being engaged comes with a whole host of deadlines and schedules to help you plan. Wthout them it’d be absolute chaos but try not to get too caught up in them. There’s nothing like hearing “ooh you haven’t done that yet?” to put the fear of god in any bride and it’s something I’ve heard a lot lately because, well, I’m busy! But, I just have to tell myself it’ll all get done and it’ll be absolutely fine. For example, I have not found my wedding dress yet and I won’t lie, I’m panicking a little. But, I would rather wait and find the right one than rush it and feel uncomfortable on the day. You do you.

Lifestyle blogger Jessica Harris on the do's and dont's of being engaged