As I try with all my might to keep my holiday tan, refuse to wear anything but white and wear my Haviana’s to the office, I can’t seem to avoid the notion that winter and, dare I say it, Christmas is coming! My holiday haze is interrupted by drizzle, adverts of comfort food and the fact I’m not working on currently staring at Christmas press releases for the December issues.

But, as I ease myself gently into the new season, I couldn’t resist feeling very festive at the site of Jo Malone’s Luxury Advent Calendar.Presented as a golden town house, each door contains a different miniature product including perfumes and creams. Suddenly I’m feeling a bit more OK about the C-word!

The Luxury Advent Calendar, £250, Jo Malone

  • £250 is so expensive! But this advent calender looks so beautiful!

  • Haha I know!x

  • Han

    Oh Jheez this looks so amazingly beautiful…any idea how much the products are worth all together (I’m trying to convince myself it’s a bargain deal)? 😉

  • I don’t unfortunately but I would hazard a guess that altogether they’re worth more than the price of the calendar, so you’d be getting a bit of a discount. Christmas present to yourself!

  • Han

    Ohhh I think you’re on your way to convincing me there 😉 I’m sure I deserve an early Christmas present!