Make the most of your time


Make the most of your time

Having enough time is something I’m really struggling with at the moment. We all have the same amount of hours in the day, week, month and year and choose different ways to allocate it. And yet, saying we don’t have enough seems to be something that we all share. I am forever trying to think of how I can make the most of time. This year is already shaping up to be my busiest yet – my job on the magazine is growing bigger with every issue, my new house is going to undergo major renovation, I’ve got a big trip planned in April and TwentySixStyle has some really exciting things in the pipeline. With the weeks and months flying by this year, it’s become vital to make the most of your time effectively to ace that to-do list.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is finding that work/life balance we all strive for. Seeing friends, family, the other half and still make the most of every day is an ongoing battle. So, while I’ve far from nailed it, here is how to make the most of your time…

Make the most of your time


How many times have you made a to-do list, with every intention to whiz through it but end up on the Daily Mail? I’m with you there. Everything I’ve put off has always become a much bigger task so I’ve learnt to reply to that text or email as soon as it’s come in. Make the most of your time by always trying to do the thing you don’t want to do first. Everything else will seem much easier.


From my blog it probably looks like I constantly take me-time, doing my make-up and giving myself a facial! But it couldn’t be further from the truth. Doing those things is a complete treat but I often feel guilty and think I should be doing something more productive. I’m trying to put aside an hour a day to go to the gym, sit in the sauna or just read a magazine to make the most of that time I have to myself. I’m much more productive if I’m relaxed. Make the most of your time by scheduling in you-time every week as if it were a meeting or appointment so you can’t back out.

Make the most of your time

how to make the most of your time




This is my biggest challenge yet and my boyfriend will definitely agree. I’m a self-confessed workaholic and often I’ll come home from work, get my laptop out and start editing photos or a blog post. I can’t just sit. Set hours don’t exist in blogging and I’ve accepted I’ll have to work at home a lot but having a couple of nights off a week is making all the difference to my sanity!!

Making the most of your time is not easy. It takes discipline and practice but the most important thing to remember is you can’t do everything. We’re human and we only have a certain amount of hours in the day, what do you want to do with yours?