Now, I admit I’m not the biggest fan of the Kardashians but, my god those girls know how to do a good brow. Perfectly arched, rich in colour and not a hair out of place, they’re as good as the pros. But the Keeping Up With The Kardashian stars don’t just rely on a steady hand and a good set of tweezer’s – they have a secret weapon in the form of brow extraordinaire Anastasia Soare, of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

I’m naturally really fair which means I wasn’t blessed with dark, striking features. Instead, I have blonde eyebrows and lashes which make me look washed out without a little helping hand. Shamefully, I didn’t know just how important eyebrows were until a couple of years ago when I saw a picture of myself looking half asleep and realised my features were getting lost because I’d been neglecting the upper eye region! Since then I’ve always pencilled in my eyebrows and it’s made the biggest difference to how I look – it’s true what they say, they really do frame your face.

Something I was struggling with was keeping eyebrow products on throughout the entire day – by lunch I always ended up with gaps in my eyebrows where the pencil or shadow had worn away. Not ideal. But with Anastasia’s products, they don’t budge a millimeter all day, even when I’ve been working out or touching my face (I know, it’s a beauty sin and I’m working on it). The Dipbrow Pomade gel-mousse is creamy and long-lasting thanks to its waterproof formula meaning it won’t run down your face if you’re caught in an impromptu downpour. I’ve used it in Taupe for this post which could be a little dark for my hair colour but really stands out if I’m not wearing much make-up. You only need a tiny amount on the Large Synthetic Brow Brush (and I mean tiny!) and finish off by combing through the excess with the wand end. I’m a total convert since using it and have ditched my trusty pencil forever!