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I realised the other day as I wrote my latest blog post that I’ve never actually done an ‘intro’ to TwentySixStyle.com or explained the how’s and why I started blogging. So, I know it’s a little late in the day but I wanted to bring everything back to the beginning and explain a little more so you can get to know me a little better. I’ve never done a post like this before so we’re in this together!


Although my blog has actually been going for two years, it’s been a real work-in-progress and has only really come into its own in the last three months when I re-launched it. I’ve always worked in the fashion and beauty industry since I left uni after studying Fashion Promotion and Imaging. I there myself in at the deep end after graduating and joined the PR teams of brands like Anya Hindmarch, London Fashion Week and my-wardrobe.com. The life of a fashion PR is really full-on with crazy hours and, in some roles, you’re pretty much expected to sell your soul! It wasn’t long before I realised I couldn’t carry on – I had no social life and never saw my friends, family or boyfriend. So, I made the leap into editorial and moved back home to Suffolk. I started writing for glossies such as Glamour, Your Fitness, Look and the Daily Mail and got a full-time job as fashion assistant for Wedding magazine.


It was around this time that blogging really went nuts. It was beginning a little at uni but no one thought it would last and to be honest I didn’t pay much attention. But while I was travelling the world on photoshoots for the mag, I started passing the time in airports by looking at blogs like Susie Bubble and Fashion Foie Gras. I was blown away by how addicted I became! These women were chic, glossy and sitting front row at LFW, how awesome! I’d never considered starting my own, it seemed out of my depth and I felt like I’d already missed the boat. But, the magazine wasn’t doing so well and a lot of us got made redundant. I’d never been let go from a job in my life so I took it really badly. There was no lay-ins and late lunches for me, I spent the next 3 months looking for a job and it was soul destroying!


Going back to commuting to London as a Marketing Executive for a luxury hotel group was the worst. As much as i tried to channel my creativity and love of fashion into the role, it was tough. I collaborated with amazing influencers and creatives like Zandra Rhodes, Bip Ling and Paul & Joe but it wasn’t enough. I was desperate for an outlet and started TwentySixStyle as a random fashion and beauty news site with the odd product review. Looking back it was a bit of a disaster and it didn’t take long before I was overwhelmed with the competition and stressed out posting 4 posts A DAY whilst working full time. Looking back I can’t believe I did that, it’s totally insane!


I left my job in London after a year and became a features writer for the magazine I’m now deputy editor at. It’s closer to home and I just felt so relieved doing something creative again. The blog had lost its identity so I cut myself some slack and put it on the back burner. I felt so angry for quitting but I had no idea where to go with it and it lacked…everything, but most of all it missed personality. I’ve always been really nervous about getting in front of the camera but it’s what it needed – how can I do a blog about everything i love and not be in it?! So, I made a decision to go hard or go home – if I wanted to do this properly I had to do it right and push out of my comfort zone. I think doing something scary is vital to who you become so I researched new site designs, bought a new camera and got to work.


And here we are, three months in and I’m loving it. I’m learning so much about blogging and the industry (there’s SO much to learn) and I’m sure I’m getting it right and wrong along the way. I’m still working full time but the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the ride. I never thought I’d like styling and photography so much and the reaction I’ve had has been amazing so I want to thank every single person who reads my ramblings!

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