fashion inspiration

fashion inspiration

fashion inspiration

Finding your individual style is a thing of beauty. It can take years and in that time there’ll be a lot of faux pas’ (lace-up flares being one that still gives me nightmares!), fine-tuning and frustration. But I think every mistake and bad purchase has ultimately made you, you! I really champion individuality when it comes to fashion. There’s nothing that makes me happier than to see someone taking a risk, trying something new or just being really comfortable in what they’re wearing. Owning it through and through. A lot of people think that you have to be rocking the latest catwalk looks to be deemed ‘stylish’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some of the most stylish fashion icons that I look up to haven’t stepped a slingback-clad foot in a designer store. They just know how to put something together – whether it’s from the high street, runway or a vintage rail in some back alley store. I admit that I wouldn’t say I’m overly experimental with my look anymore. I’ve got to a point (and age) where I know what I like, what brands work and what suits me but I’m forever on the look-out for some fashion inspiration and fresh takes on styles that I love.

It’s easy to find yourself in a style rut, reaching for that same jumper and leather leggings combo and all it takes is a new perspective. So, here’s where I head when I have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear for a little #inspo


I am completely addicted to Instagram. Out of all of the social media platforms, this is where you’ll find me all day, every day. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and it couldn’t be more true of Instagram. The quality of photos is so high now, I find myself inspired as soon as I log on and am more mindful of the end result when shooting than ever before. This is also my favourite place to head to when I’m in need of a quick dose of fashion inspiration. @Streetstyleluxe @best_street_styles and @wearthisnext are my go-to’s as their pages are full of beautiful street style photography of outfits that can be easily recreated with what you have to hand. There’s something about gaining an insight into someone else’s style in simple, everyday circumstances that gives me such a rush of creativity.

fashion inspiration


If you haven’t heard of Bloglovin, get yourself over to their site right now (or after you’ve read this post preferably!). Teeming with all the best fashion and beauty blogs, it’s a hotbed of fashion inspiration. But be warned,  a quick look usually turns into a 2 hour scroll-a-thon in no time. It’s that addictive. I only heard about Bloglovin when I started blogging myself which is why I want to spread the word. It seems to be a secret in the blogging world. But I really wish I had known about it before because it has opened my eyes to new bloggers, established websites and all of the amazing content out there. From Zoella to Into The Gloss, everyone’s favourites are all in one place. Think of it as a Facebook without the annoying cat videos! You can even ‘like’ and save posts into your own folders, similar to Pinterest so you can re-visit them again whenever you like. I only subscribe to a handful of blogs that I love because I don’t want to overwhelm my inbox so this is perfect for all the other sites I read religiously. And if you do take a look you can find me on there here!

fashion inspirationfashion inspiration

fashion inspiration


I go back to Pinterest time and time again for fashion inspiration because it collates everything in one place. From the big magazines and websites internationally to people’s selfies and Instagram posts. But what I love about it is that you don’t have to sift through pages of crap to find what you want, the search bar will target everything you’re looking for. What is dangerous is the homepage. I know this sounds weird but those clever little clogs at Pinterest will show you what they think you might like based on your recent searches. In short, this means you can kiss goodbye to your day because you’ll be scrolling until your thumb aches! I started pinning pictures for house inspiration when we moved and it escalated to using it for my blog and fawning over amazing street style shots. You can follow me on Pinterest here


Ah the old faithful and the only source of fashion inspiration that isn’t online. Isn’t that scary?! I have a big soft spot for magazines still. That might be because I work on one but there’s a rush of excitement that I still get when I buy a glossy issue, make a cup of tea and sit down on a Saturday afternoon and flick through the editorial. This, sadly doesn’t happen as much as I’d like anymore because I usually shoot on weekends now but it’s a treat when it does. Porter, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire and Vogue are my favourites. Although I sadly can’t afford a £1,500 Celine handbag I can still take inspiration from the content and adapt it in a slightly more affordable way!

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?…