gym bag

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that I love all things fitness. It’s my day job writing about it and my evenings living it. My boyfriend’s a personal trainer and generally I can’t escape it even if I wanted to! If I’m not running on my lunch break, I’m doing a class after work which means that a packed and organised gym bag is just as important as my beloved handbag. OK, maybe not AS important but it’s up there. I was unpacking and re-packing it with a few new bits and pieces the other night and I thought it might make a great blog post. Personally, I love seeing what other people have in their bags, drawers, desk – anything that might inspire me with mine! So here are a few must-haves I’ve got in my gym bag right now…

gym bag

gym bag

Exercise Band, Medium, £12 Bodyism

I never really ‘got’ resistance bands until I was kindly given this one from one of my favourite wellness brands, Bodyism. And if they’re good enough for founder, James Duigan’s supermodel clientele, they’re good enough for me! This little piece of rubber has sculpted my buns faster than all the squats I was doing before. I loop it around my ankles, step it taut and side-step or slowly walk to activate (and burn the hell out of) my glutes and hips.

Clean and Lean Body Brilliance, £50 for full size, Bodyism

It’s rare that I don’t have some form of supplements in my gym bag for when I’m on the go and need something to re-fuel my muscles. I’m not a massive protein girl, so when I do have it it has to be clean plant protein that’s packed full of other vitamins and minerals. Hence the Clean and Lean Body Brilliance! It tastes like chocolate (enough said), includes super greens (you can’t taste them) and has no added sugar so you’re good to go. Shake it up with some almond milk and it’s a healthy chocolate milkshake.

UrBeats Earphones, £89.99 Beats by Dre

The right earphones are so important to a good workout and I really struggle to find ones that fit my tiny ears properly! These are on par with noise-cancelling headphones and help me completely zone out – something that I normally find impossible to do. My head is constantly buzzing with ideas, things I need to do, dinner ideas for that evening, the next birthday present I have to buy or the next blog post to plan. Switching off is something that takes effort and with the right playlist and an amazing bass, it’s usual doable!

gym bag

gym bag gym bag gym bag

Water Bottle, £25 BKR

Up until last year I’d always re-used old Evian bottles to drink throughout the day. Until I read a study about the dangers of bisphenol A (a chemical plastic bottles contain) leaking into the water and affecting our hormones. And if that wasn’t enough, reusable bottles contain hundreds of thousands of bacteria cells. Yep, so bye bye plastic bottles for me! I’d seen this stylish glass bottles in the sweaty palms of celebs everywhere and discovered they were BKR’s. I love how the glass is covered in rubber so when I drop it (which is usually a lot!), it doesn’t break.

HydraQuench Cream-Gel, £36 Clarins

I’ve been banging on about this moisturiser since it launched so it’s no surprise that it’s in my gym bag! Whether it’s air conditioning or sweat, our skin goes through a lot when we hit the gym which is why I make sure I have the best skincare products waiting for me. My complexion is generally quite dry and gets a little angry after the gym so after cleansing, this gel instantly cools it down and makes it feel plump and hydrated.

Hydraboost Serum, £45 Elemis

I promise that the two ‘hydra’ products were not on purpose, pure coincidence! This is new from Elemis is packed with natural goodness and has replaced my Pestle & Mortar serum because it’s richer for when my skin needs a little extra help. It’s a newcomer to my gym bag but I think it’s here to stay. My face feels instantly softer after I’ve been using it for the last two weeks but you only need the smallest amount. I smothered heaps of it on the first use and felt like a greaseball for the next 10 minutes while it soaked in! You’ve been warned!

Double Wear Long Wear Make-Up Remover Face Wipes, £20 Estee Lauder

I don’t normally like face wipes, they tend to be drying and too abrasive on the eye area. But, when I heard that Estee Lauder had recently launched their Double Wear wipes I knew they would be different. I’ve used their products for years, I trust them and I knew they would take good care of my skin. These are always in my gym bag because they take off every piece of mascara just by holding the wipe on my eye, without even scrubbing. I always cleanse afterwards but they do all the heavy lifting.

Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Gel, £21 Mio Skincare

Since I started doing Body Pump classes my muscles have been in bits. In a good way but painful nonetheless. I like to think I have a high pain threshold but when it’s a constant ache, it starts to disrupt my day. I became obsessed with Mio’s Liquid Yoga bath soak but seeing as I don’t have a bath right now, I picked up this cream instead. After a hot shower, I rubbed this into any sore points on my neck and shoulders and am amazed at how much it made a difference. With horse chestnut and magnesium, it works deep into the muscle (don’t ask me how!) and totally got rid of the stiffness come morning.

Ultraboost X Trainers, £155 Adidas

Trainers are such a weakness of mine. Anything that promises to make me run better or faster is golden and these new Adidas kicks don’t disappoint. I have a pair of Boost’s already and they quickly became a staple in my gym bag. Lighter than air and fitting like a glove, they let me smash my PB and feel springier on my feet than any other trainers. Designed specifically for a woman’s foot, they’re narrower and fit like a sock for totally comfort. The inclusion of small pillow-like cushioning takes a little getting used to but the design is achingly cool and the hole between the sole and the foot allows your foot to move more naturally.

gym bag

gym bag

gym bag

gym bag

gym bag

Gold Backpack, £39.99 Mi Pack

When the backpack trend hit, I bypassed it. I’m nearly 30 years old, not 14, I definitely didn’t think this one was for me. Until I saw a backpack that came in rubber. Bear with me on this one! Mi-Pac’s bags are possibly the chicest backpack’s I’ve ever seen. With graphic prints and the on-trend materials, there’s nothing adolescent about these. I usually use a holdall to tote all my gym kit around, but I love how compact and easy to carry this bag is. And a rubber, leather-look backpack? That changes everything!

What do you guys have in your gym bag? Let me know!