valentines day gifts

valentines day gifts

valentines day gifts

Birthday’s Christmas’s, even new job presents I can nail for my boyfriend, no problem. But throw Valentines Day into the mix and I struggle. I feel this pressure to buy something sentimental and special, one product that sums up how I feel about him, it’s impossible! I’m going to put it out there and say men have it easy – in life, yes, but in particular, buying their wives, girlfriends or crush a Valentines Day present could not be easier.

Flowers and chocolates are the most obvious and Ok, not the most inventive, but I’d still be pretty damn chuffed with either! Us ladies have a tougher time – there is no bouquet equivalent for men and would they be so bothered even if there was? Probably not! But, this year I’ve stopped trying to think less about what he needs and more about what he’d like – I know that sounds really obvious but I always tend to buy really practical presents and sometimes the boys like pretty things as much as us girls! Whenever I’m struggling for gift ideas I always head to John Lewis – with so many brands available under one site, it takes the leg work out of hunting around on different websites.

With just a few days left, here’s some last minute ideas to kit out your guy…

valentines day gifts

valentines day gifts


The Gentleman’s Handbook, £12.99

Ted Baker A5 Notebook, £16

They say chivalry is dead but with a little tongue-in-cheek nudge in the right direction he may surprise you on Valentines Day! Notebooks may be seen as a bit of a girly accessory but with Ted Baker’s Oxblood design, it’s manly and stylish all at the same time.


Chanel Allure Home Sport Eau De Toilette, from £52 

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser, from £15 

Liz Earle for Men After-Shaving Moisturiser, £20.25

‘His’ Marble Coaster, £8

They say they don’t but we all know that that plump, glowing skin isn’t down to a good old wash with a bar of soap! I can tell exactly what cleanser or moisturiser Toff has used of mine when I go to kiss him and it’s usually the most expensive one! Simple solution? His and hers beauty products.


Ted Baker Venuz Sock Gift Set, £24

Kin by John Lewis Textured Yoke Crew Neck Jumper, £17.50

Barbour Webbing Leather Trim Belt, £29.95

I love buying mens fashion and accessories, I feel like they have a more timeless feel to them, which is probably handy because they wear everything to death! The safest bet this Valentines Day is to opt for neutral colours that can be worn with anything.


Nike Downshifter 7 Men’s Running Shoes, £33.99

I feel like you can’t go wrong with buying a pair of trainers for your SO. If they’re into fitness, it’s a no-brainer but even if they’re not, trainers are now so sleek and stylish in design that they can be worn outside the gym. Thank you athleisurewear!


Google Chromecast, £30 

Ah boys and their toys! It keeps them quiet and they love the challenge, but even if they’re not big on tech, anything that makes life easier is win-win. The Google Chromecast puts anything you watch on the small screen (phones and tablets) on your TV screen, so you can see Jon Snow in all his big screen glory!

valentines day gifts

valentines day gifts

valentines day gifts

valentines day gifts

valentines day gifts

valentines day gifts


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