Valentines gift guide

I don’t want to be cynical about Valentines Day, I feel like I should be overjoyed at its arrival. I am in love after all! But there’s something about it that provokes a knee-jerk reaction of eye rolls and “ugh” noises. Toff and I don’t do anything for it and we’ve both come to a mutual agreement that everywhere’s more expensive, it’s rammed, you feel like you have to pack on the PDA (otherwise you’re obviously not in love) and I don’t like the colours red or pink (not applicable to fashion or lipstick). Bah humbug! So, our Valentines Day plans will involve an open fire at home, our PJ’s, something laden with carbs and a thriller movie.

But there is something I do love about this day. Products. All of the beautiful products that brands bring out or already have out that are suddenly perfect for Valentines Day. I am the consumer dream-I buy it all! Whether you’re single or attached, treating yourself to something new and a bit special is the perfect excuse to join in. I’m a big believer in self love – whether that’s through daily affirmations, an afternoon at the spa or a new handbag, we deserve it. We work hard and are always thinking of what everyone else would like for their birthday/new job/moving in present. What about us? Show yourself some love this Valentines Day with a little luxury…

Valentines gift guide

Valentines gift guide

Valentines gift guide


Red Roses Cologne, from £43, Jo Malone

I’m not usually one for overly floral scents, they often come across a little sickly and over-powering. But I’m a massive fan of Jo Malone products so thought I’d give this one a go and I really love it. As it’s a cologne you only need the smallest amount (I learnt the hard way on that one!) and it lasts all day. It’s really subtle and as cheesey as it sounds, it’s very romantic.


Charbonnel et Walker Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, £4.65

Oh my. I don’t think I have to even say much about these, just the title makes my mouth water. I’m a sucker for sea salt in chocolate and these are absolutely addictive. My dentist is going to hate me.


Love Letter Bracelet, £29 Ted Baker

I did a post about this gorgeous rose gold collection from Ted Baker here and I still adore it. I though this bracelet was just a cool geometric design, until I realised they were little envelopes – that made my day! The concept is beautiful and rose gold has me sold every time.


The Classic Cashmere Scarf in Checks and Hearts, £395 Burberry

This heritage brand is one of my favourite luxury designer brands. I remember my dad bought me a Burberry handbag when he came back from New York and I cried. I actually cried I was so happy. So, when I saw this beautiful buttery soft cashmere scarf I had to snap it up, knowing it would be a real investment piece. I love the updated heart print and monogrammed detailing, it makes it extra special.


Kisses Gloss, £21 Burberry

It wouldn’t be Valentines Day without a gorgeous coloured lip. These pigmented lip glosses come in a huge range of shades but as a nude kinda girl, I’m drawn more to the natural hues.

London With Love Palette, £45 Burberry

Face palettes with a pretty design are my weakness. It blows my mind how such intricate shapes are created in powder, it makes me not want to use it! But this heart palette from Burberry is too good not to use. It’s perfect for contouring or adding depth of colour to your face.

Tubéreuse Rouge Candle, £55 Diptyque

Neom and Diptyque are my go-to for candles because their scents are just so beautiful. This Tubereuse candle is a little pricier than usual but it lasts a lot longer and fills my home with the most incredibly smell from the lounge all the way up to the bedrooms.

Moisturising Gel Cream, £110 Creme De La Mer

I never really understood the appeal of this cult cream – I thought “nothing can justify that price”. Until I tried it. Oh dear, this is something I feel like I’m going to hide from Toff because I’m a little hooked and it’s the equivalent of a weeks food shop. Hmm…food or La Mer…

Natural Glowing Look, £55 Charlotte Tilbury

You probably know by now how much I love Charlotte Tilbury. You can see how much here. So anything that comes from Charlotte Tilbury in a cosmetic case covered in lips is pretty much a winner. It includes a Mini Wonderglow for your skin, a Mini Legendary Lashes Mascara, a Colour Chameleon for your eyes, a Matte Revolution lipstick and a Beach Stick that fills open pores.


Breeze Balconette Bra, £44, Breeze Bikini, £25 Elle Macpherson Intimates at Figleaves

It wouldn’t be Valentines Day with a little sexiness involved. I’m not afraid to tell you that I have a pretty extensive lingerie collection. Well, I used to but over the years I keep losing bits of it – not because I’m leaving it anywhere lol but it disappears in the wash or everytime I go on holiday. So, I’m starting to rebuild my collection, starting with this stunning Elle Macpherson Intimates bra and knicker set. The colour is deep and sensual and will make you instantly feel a little bit naughty, whether you’re single or attached, beautiful underwear is a rite of passage.


Kate Spade Roses Notebook, £20

Sophie Conran for Portmeirion White Scented Ceramic Heart Set, £20

Since buying our house I’m obsessed with little trinkets, notebooks, photo frames, anything that makes my space look prettier basically! I’m hoping to turn one of our bedrooms into an office and top of my must-have list are these!

Valentines day

Valentines gift guide

Valentines day

Valentines day

Valentines day

Valentines day



Elle Macpherson Intimates, £44

Kate Spade, £20

Elle Macpherson Intimates, £25