Beauty blogger on her winter skincare picks

If you’ve been reading my blog then you’ll know I have a massive weakness for skincare. From contouring serums to retinol and all the beauty tech, the science and formulas fascinate me. So, when a new season rolls around, I get giddy thinking about changing up my skincare and all the new possibilities of exploring different products. Now there’s a chill in the air and a smattering of frost on the ground, it’s time to pack away our SPF and emulsions for some heavy duty winter skincare.

I have a real love/hate relationship with the colder seasons when it comes to beauty. As you guys know, I have a bit of a skin condition (read all about it here) and, just like the heat, the cold can aggravate it. Icy mornings and cosy fires may be what we love about winter but they can wreak havoc on our complexions. Especially if you have drier skin like me. As well as stocking up on healthy fats like oily fish, nuts and avocado to promote healthy skin from the inside, opting for targeted products is key for the outside.

Like all important purchases, I’ve done a lot of research, talked to some amazing industry experts and tried ALOT of different options. But I’m really happy with the results I’ve been seeing from these new buys. My skin doesn’t feel tight and dry like it usually does. It’s soft and hydrated and those annoying little blemishes and bumps are slowly starting to disappear. So, if you’re looking for some winter skincare inspo, this is what is currently working for me…

Beauty blogger on her winter skincare picks


If someone had told me a year ago that I should be using a neck cream I would have found it hilarious. But when I study my skin every night when I hop out of the shower, those crepey neck lines are no laughing matter! I’ve always felt absolutely fine with getting older. I see it as a true priviledge as so many people don’t have the honour. But seeing the years affect the most random of pieces of me I’m not OK with! With algae and Jasmine extract, this neck cream from Bare Minerals doesn’t just look super elegant on my dresser, I could notice a difference. Maybe not in the 2 weeks that it promised, but after 3 and a half my jawline looked tighter and my neck more toned.

The eye cream took a little longer. I find it really difficult to find an eye cream that really works. Nothing beats early nights, lots of water and a good diet. Hands down, it makes the biggest difference to my skin. But a good quality eye cream is worth every penny and this one holds its own. The shea butter left my dry, winterised (that’s a word I’m sure!) eyes brighter and more toned. The skin around our eyes is so thin and fragile, I have definitely noticed the biggest changed here. Combined with dermarolling (you can read about my experience of it here), the Bare Minerals Soothing Eye Cream is the star of my nightly winter skincare routine.

Beauty blogger on her winter skincare picks

Beauty blogger on her winter skincare picks


A winter skincare routine wouldn’t be complete without a little luxury. On those cold nights when getting out of a hot shower makes you want to cry, there’s nothing better than having a DIY spa session. I know we’re supposed to have a luke warm shower in the colder months to ensure we don’t dry out our skin, but I love filling the bathroom with steam to encase my whole body in warmth. This clay mask by Sisley has to be one of my all-time favourite new masks. If you wish you could hang on to that dewy, new-skin look days after using a mask, this is the one for you.

With soothing rosehip and chamomile essential oil, it plumps out the skin absorbing excess oil, leaving it beautifully clear. After buying this a month ago, I’ve used it so much I’m nearly all out (sob) which never happens for me.

Beauty blogger on her winter skincare picks


An oldie but a goodie! If you don’t have a tube of this in your beauty arsenal, why the hell not?! It is one of those staple buys that make you wonder how you every got by without it. This is my absolute saviour for dry skin, crusty elbows, split ends (yep!), chapped lips, sore hands, stray brows… I could go on and on. It’s thick, gooey and will last you forever. Promise!

Beauty blogger on her winter skincare picks


I’d be very surprised if many of you have heard of Yope – this brand new Polish brand is natural, unassuming and absolutely adorable. With sweet animal illustrations and pastel hued packaging, its products are pure, simple and effective. After finishing the shower gel and body cream instantly, I knew their hand cream wouldn’t disappoint. I can’t stand having dry hands when the temperatures plummet so hand cream has become as much a part of my winter skincare regime as a face moisturiser.

Beauty blogger on her winter skincare picks


Summer and winter can pose some serious beauty problems for us ladies. Their temperatures may be at two ends of the spectrum but they both have one major factor in common. They zap our skin of moisture. When my face is dry or windchapped (ugh) my first instinct is to reach for the richest moisturiser I can find and not leave the house until I’ve regained my summer glow. But, the next best thing is a lightweight formula that won’t make our skin break out but has all the clout of a heavy duty day cream.

Clarins Multi-Active Cream targets the early signs of fine lines and hydrates the skin al day. Whipped into a thick, cool consistency it sits flawlessly under make-up and provides the perfect base for a non-greasy finish.

Beauty blogger on her winter skincare picks