makeup brushes

makeup brushes

makeup brushes


Up until about a three months ago, the only makeup brushes I owned was a couple of eyeshadow ones. I know, I feel like I’m a bit of a fraud as a girl! It was only when I started watching some of my favourite beauty vloggers like Lydia Elise Millen and Sona Gasparian that I saw what a massive difference they made and now I’m totally hooked. I didn’t realise how much product I was wasting using my fingers and my foundation looked patchy. But when I started looking into it, my head was about to explode – the choice is overwhelming and I kept thinking, “how am I supposed to know what I actually need?” So, I tried a lot (and I mean a lot) to whittle down what you actually need and what’s just brushes for the sake of brushes!



makeup brushes

makeup brushes

makeup brushes


Pro Evo Buffer Brush, £32.99 Iconic London

I’ve always used my fingers or on a rare occasion, a brush but oh my, since trying the oval brushes I’m never going back! I don’t know if it’s the bristles or that there’s more of them (500,00 in this Iconic London one) but it gives a truly flawless finish, like velvet. They’re not as compact as a normal brush so taking them in my makeup bag is a little tricky but no matter what foundation I’m using it gives my face this amazing glowy finish.


The Handi Brush, £27 Jane Iredale

I don’t like to use a lot of powder because I prefer a glowy look to a matte one but sometimes the glow is too much and it borders on shine (a big no-no). This little, fat makeup brush is perfect to throw in my make-up bag and is a staple for everyone.


Morphe Deluxe Fan Brush, £15 Cult Beauty

I didn’t get this brush at all when I first heard about it but since using it I totally get it. When I used to put highlighter on it would sometimes sit in one area more than others, the same happened with my powder as well. But I didn’t really realise until I used this and it it literally fans the product evenly across my face making it look more natural.

makeup brushes

makeup brushes


Luxe Contour Artist, £19.50 Zoeva

I LOVE contouring, it’s my favourite part of doing my make-up and I’m still in disbelief how much it can change my face! But my absolute bugbear is that stripey look that can sometime happen without even realising and believe me, it happens – mainly because of bad lighting and the wrong tools. The Zoeva contouring brushes look a bit weird but there’s a reason they’re shaped like this – it’s so the bristles can get into the highest and lowest points of the face to push the product into the right places. Genius!


Eyeshader, £16 Jane Iredale

This is a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to makeup brushes. I’ve learnt that dabbing on eyeshadow rather than sweeping stops me getting excess product all over my cheeks and choosing a slightly large brush gives better coverage of the powder.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Large Synthetic Brow Brush, £15 Cult Beauty

I’m OK with saying that I have the worst eyebrows ever, they’re really not great. I wish they were thicker but that’s the hand I’ve been dealt! So, I have to fake it instead with really good products instead. I love Anastasia Beverly Hills products and use the Dipbrow Promade every day but I can’t apply it without the Large Synthetic Brow Brush. It has an angled brush end which is key as it does all the work for me.


Beauty Blender, £16 Beauty Bay

You’ve probably seen these little sponges crop up everywhere and not really know why everyone has them. In short, because they’re awesome! You’re supposed to use them damp to get even coverage without dragging the product around your face but I use mine dry a lot with a blotting motion. It’s ideal for blending everything together when you’ve applied your foundation, concealer, highlighter and particularly contouring so you don’t look like some stripey zebra!

makeup brushes

makeup brushes