Blogger Jessica Harris shares her top loungewear buys

Blogger Jessica Harris shares her top loungewear buys

This week has been a toughie and I’m sure you’re all with me on this one. That inevitable pull of reality has been strong and I for one have resisted it with all I have! I spent New Year feeling motivated, excited and ready to take on the world. I’m not sure what happened between then and now but I definitely don’t feel that way right now. When the bank balance has taken a hit, the weather takes a turn for the worst and the excitement for the one good thing in winter is over, what’s left? Loungewear, that’s what.

I kid you not, I spend more time in loungewear since I went freelance that I’m pretty sure the postman thinks I have no other clothes. I should be out shooting most days with a full calendar reminding me to do so but I feel like I’m in full-blown hibernation mode. While December gave us crisp sunny mornings and a festive excitement, January is grey, wet and depressing. Now we’re in that lull eagerly await spring or a rare sunny day, I find myself finding excuses to stay in and groan when I have to go somewhere where sweats are not acceptable attire.

But what I have enjoyed these last few weeks is buying a few more gorgeous loungewear bits and declaring them as a solid purchase due to the amount of wear I’ll get out of them. My new favourite thing to do when I do venture out is stepping in the door, putting my hair in a top knot, washing my face and slipping into something soft and elasticated. While cashmere is my number one choice, soft jersey, cotton and the occasional piece of silk teamed with chunky knitwear are all close seconds. On the days when you want to look decent but comfortable, an old hoody and the holey jogging bottoms you dig out when you’re feeling poorly are no longer your only options.

As loungewear collections expand and sit alongside ready-to-wear, we can now look completely presentable while having all the cosy feels. So, here are some of the best loungewear pieces out there to ease your January blues.


You now you’ve found a winner when you can wear something snuggly in and out of the house. Motif sweatshirts are big news – they were a big trend last year and they’re not going anywhere for 2018 so get shopping!  

Blogger Jessica Harris shares her top loungewear buys


 I’ve always been a t-shirt and pants kinda girl in bed until I got some grown up pyjamas for Christmas and now I’m completely converted! I feel a bit more put together when I’m lounging around the house and getting ready for bed. 


 The first thing I reach for when I get in after a busy day is a pair of soft loungewear trousers. My favourites right now are a pair of knitted leggings or some seamless spots leggings – they just look a bit sleeker than joggers. 


Onsies are something I never really understood. The thought makes me feel claustophobic and I couldn’t bring myself to wear one. BUT I love a playsuit and a jumpsuit so I’ve found a compromise. These are some of the most beautiful loungewear and nightwear onesies and when they look like this I’m on board!
 Blogger Jessica Harris shares her top loungewear buys

Blogger Jessica Harris shares her top loungewear buys

Blogger Jessica Harris shares her top loungewear buys


I’ve been looking for a nice robe for so long and I could never find anything I liked. If they’re thick and teddy-like I get too hot and silk, too cold but these are beautiful alternatives that look good enough to answer the door in!  


If there’s ever an excuse to treat yourself to something indulgent and totally impractical it’s silk loungewear. From soft triangle bras to satin shorts and silky camisoles, every woman deserves some luxury in her underwear drawer.