summer skin

Beautiful skin is one of the first things I notice when I meet someone. That’s not weird, right?! I can’t help it, when someone’s got that lovely sheen and a velvety finish, I’m hooked. Highlighters, bronzers and the odd shimmer are my go-to beauty products to give my summer skin a dewy finish. But, ultimately that coveted glow we’re all after is all down to what’s underneath. The goal is to get to a point where we’re not hiding what’s underneath but enhancing what’s already there. I know, it can seem like a never-ending quest but with all of these new skincare products to lust after, it’s far more achievable than ever before. Really!

Summer is my favourite season for my skin. Higher temperatures mean increased sebum which leads to that healthy glow we’re double tapping on Instagram. Combined with a subtle tan and a freckle here and there, we’re winning. But, it’s also the time where our skin can look lacklustre thanks to sun exposure, salt or chlorine water and dehydration. This is where I’m at at the moment. That golden hue I’ve been sporting since America has now faded and I’m left with skin that’s just a bit ‘meh’.

Nothing makes me happier than rotating my skincare regime every now and again and giving my face a whole new lease of life. These products really work for me and I highly recommend them, but everyone’s skin is different and would suggest doing a bit of research before delving into a new product. But for now, here are the five products I’m loving at the moment to give my summer skin a much-needed glow.

summer skin

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Oil, £65 (out August)

I know, it’s Elemis again, can you tell that I love this brand yet?! Harnessing all kinds of marine goodies like seaweed and water kelp with nine essential oils, say hello to some serious summer skin love. There’s something about this oil that seems to give my complexion a more even and radiant finish after just one use. I don’t use it every day but when my skin needs a pick-me-up I sleep in it and by morning it looks different. The fine lines around my eyes look less visible and those annoying little pimples under the skin (what ARE these?!) disappear. The result? Rested skin.

summer skin

Institut Esthederm Osmoclean Pure Cleansing Gel, £22

Since using a balm cleanser, I’ve noticed that my skin hasn’t felt as deeply clean as I’d like. With make-up, sweat and daily grime setting up shop on my complexion, I really need a cleanser that’s going to strip all of that off without taking natural oils away with it. I half expected this Institut Esthederm cleanser to be too harsh for my sensitive skin but it was gentle enough to use every day and left my skin impeccably clean. I would definitely recommend taking your make-up off first (more of this later) as trying to dissolve my mascara with this didn’t end well!

summer skin

Institut Esthederm High Tolerance Waterproof Make-Up Remover, £22

Cue a make-up remover that’ll make this task a lot easier. And by easier I mean not feeling my way around the bathroom for a towel squinting my eyes shut and knocking everything over in my path! I wasn’t on board with make-up removers at all until I started using this. Oh my, how much easier is my life now. I like my summer skin to be quite minimal and natural but when I’ve been wearing what little make-up I do have on all day, I can’t wait to get it off. This formula is light, airy and super speedy. I soak a cotton pad in the remover and leave it on my eyes for a couple of minutes and ta-dah, all done! I know it won’t give you that instant summer glow but it does mean that your cleanser will work harder for you as there’s no make-up to remove first.

summer skin

Alpha H Liquid Gold, £33.50

Guys! Oh my god, I’m so excited to talk to you about this product. If you can buy one skincare product to change your entire complexion, this is it. Got blackheads or acne scars? This is for you. Have fine lines? This is for you. Skin need some serious help? This. Is. For. You. I’m not doing the hard sell, it’s just that good. With 5% glycolic acid it will exfoliate your skin overnight and leave you with new cells by morning. It lowers your skin’s pH level which boosts repair meaning you get a hit of collagen. I discovered this when I had rosacea and although I though “er…acid on my face? I don’t think so” I built up my skin’s tolerance to it gradually and it bought down redness drastically. Now, I use it once or twice a week and ahh I just love it!

summer skin

Eve Lom Eye Cream, £48

OK, it’s expensive, let’s get that out of the way. I wouldn’t normally spend this much on eye cream and the only reason I do is because it works. I’m guilty of not getting enough sleep (who isn’t, right?) so I need a little help in the eye department. Although dermarolling is really helping (which you can read about here), it can dry out my eye area and that’s no ideal for the summer skin glow. So I slather this on afterwards and my eyes drink in every little bit. It’s been four weeks and my eyes look wider, brighter and less lined around the corners.


Do you have a summer skin regime? If there are any products you’re loving right now, I would love to know what they are. I am always on the lookout for new products so please share in the comments below.