summer staples

Happy Thursday everyone! This last couple of weeks have been, well, pretty stressful to be honest. Every now and again I catch myself working far too much and failing miserably at the work/life balance thing. If anyone’s conquered that please let me know how! So it was perfect timing for me and Toff to take our overworked arses off for a bit of sun. And we all know that with a mini break comes a not-so-mini shopping trip. Yes, I may have ordered too much, if that’s even possible, but you know me, I ordered smart. I updated my summer staples with fail safe items that I love to make my money go further and here’s how you can too…

summer staples


Any time the sun shines I’m drawn to denim. Generally I tend to pack





There’s something so seductive and suggestive about great denim in a subtle and mysterious way that you can’t go wrong. No really, you can’t. Whatever your shape, size and skin tone, there is denim out there for you! Right now my summer staple for getting away from it all start with a great pair of denim shorts that I can dress up or down like these boyfriend cut ones from Zara.
summer staples
summer staples


And lots of it! I am obsessed with all of the new styles of swimwear at the moment. From Bardot cuts to one pieces, it’s all got a lot more interesting than the standard triangle option that was always my go-to. I’ve been throwing my denim shorts over my H&M one piece to go from the beach to the bar and will wear my new Bardot gingham bikini as a crop top when the sun goes down.
summer staples
summer staples


I’ve been looking for the right beach cover-up for years-I’m not even exaggerating. Something that’s simple, cool and feminine which can be worn on the sun lounger and at the market. I’m not convinced I’ve found The One yet but I’m pretty close with this ASOS number. I team mine with lots of layered gold necklaces, arm bangle and sandals for a quick daytime look.


You can probably tell that I’ve had this hat for years. It’s been squashed and scrunched up so much over the years that I have no idea how it still has its shape! It’s been everywhere from Rome and Paris to Mauritius and Barcelona – I wouldn’t be without it. A straw trilby, sun hat or Panama is the ultimate summer staple to take your outfit to the next level without even trying.
summer staples

summer staples


I know, crop tops are a bit scary and most think that unless you have rippling abs you can’t pull it off but you absolutely can. This years summer staple has to be this pretty striped and lace cold shoulder crop from River Island. Yep, its very cropped but teamed with high waisted wide leg trousers or a skirt and its super flattering.



summer staples

I couldn’t write this post about my favourite summer staples without including a few new beauty buys that I’m taking away with me. Weirdly I take lots of products away with me but have the most pared down look day-to-day. I always think summer holidays are a great way to give your skin and hair a bit of extra attention. This week I’m using:

Benefits Hoola Bronzer
This is such a cult product and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’ve been toting the lighter version for contouring as well. I put a dusting of this over my eyes to bring out the colour, cheekbones, forehead and chin in the evenings to bring out my tan.
Eve Lom Lip Balm in Lippy
Eve Lom is one of those brands that I just keep coming back to because the products are so timelessly elegant. My lips always get dry on flights so this is perfect to hydrate them while giving this subtle pink colour. I hate overly shiny lip balms but this is slightly more matte giving it a glossy, not oily  finish.
Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick
You guys know all about my past skin woes so I generally try to stay away from blush (because of this). But when my skin has a natural golden glow on holiday, one of the best summer staples is a coral tint. It’s creamy so it won’t sit on the surface of you skin and gives your face as really gorgeous, healthy colour.
Ren Perfect Canvas – coming soon!
Generally, makeup is not top of my priorities when I’m on holiday but when I do want to add a but in the evenings this is my go-to. There’s nothing worse than having your favourite products slide off your face as soon as you leave your air conditioned room. This silicone-free primer acts as a base to make sure your makeup doesn’t run into each other so it stays put all night.
summer staples
summer staples
summer staples
summer staples
72 Intense Replenish Mask
New brand alert! Well, it’s new to me and I’m so happy I found it. This was one of those products I kept hearing and seeing everywhere that I had to see what the fuss was about. And after one use I got it-this mask is amazing. It smells like warm summer days in the garden and left my hair sleek, shiny and full of body. A deeply nourishing hair mask is a must for those days where it’s been dealt sun, sea and chlorine.
YSL Brow Contour
I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t taken with this product when I first used it, which was so disappointing because I’m a big fan of YSL make-up. It’s got an odd purple tint, doesn’t come out efficiently and was generally hard to use. But, when I don’t have time to get my brows tinted, like this week, this is good for low maintenance, off duty brows. I don’t wear make up on holiday during the day except for my blondey, non-existent brows so this is just enough.


Let me know what summer staples you can’t go on holiday without . Whether it’s a great skirt or the perfect beauty all-rounder, share your top tips and buys below.


                    72 Hair Mask