I’m not a big accessories girl. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t get enough of a buttery soft tote and if someone buys me an amazing scarf, I’ll love it forever. There’s no big conspiracy, but when it comes to jewellery I just…forget! I’ve always been discreet when it comes to style – I prefer dainty pieces than anything attention-grabbing. Mainly because of my child-like wrists, but also because I don’t like the feel of anything heavy. But as I get older and my Instagram obsession grows, I have a major FOMO when it comes to amazing jewellery. I think it’s time I packed away my costume jewellery and invested in something a little more grown-up.

This is where Monica Vinader comes in. I got my first introduction to the brand four years ago – it was one of their beautiful engraved friendship bracelets and I wear it every day without fail. Their collections are stylish, contemporary yet timeless, so I was thrilled to work with them on this post and choose a few select pieces that I liked (an IMPOSSIBLE task by the way, there’s too much and it took me forever). So, I just wanted to show you how I style it up and how I’m starting my grown-up collection with a few statement jewellery pieces.

(By the way, I apologise for my hideous appearance in this post, I shot this in the rain when I had, what felt like, the worst cold in the world!)


The king of all bracelets, there’s nothing that adds a hit of drama to an outfit quite like a cuff. Admittedly I’ve always shyed away from cuffs because my wrists as so pathetic and child-like. I used to wear my bracelets around my upper arm to make them fit. For that reason, I love that this Siren Odyssey Cuff is adjustable so it can sit snuggly against my skin and not lose its shape. With two rose cut blue lace agate stones, it has the most beautiful Grecian feel. I love jewellery that I don’t have to change from the day to night and a cuff doesn’t look out of place in either.


I admit, I’m in awe of girls who layer up their rings, it looks so cool and is a great indicator of who that person is. Unfortunately I was born with the longest fingers you’ll ever see. Not literally, as a baby, that would be super creepy,  but they’ve always been longer and thinner than your average. So, finding rings that fit them is a real nightmare. Monica Vinader’s stacking rings was how I came to know the brand because I was desperate to decorate my digits in some way and their rings were so beautiful and delicate and actually fit my scrawny fingers! The great thing about it? There are no rules, anything goes just stack it up.


When I’m not layering up longer styles, I like to wear a really thin chain around my neck with a pendant so it literally looks like it’s floating on my chest. This is what attracted me to this Ava Button Necklace. It’s chain is feather-light and gorgeously feminine while the circular pendant has just enough sparkle for it to be a stylish everyday accessory. Although the clasp is a little fiddly because it’s so small, it’s so discreet I kept mine on for two days without realising.



What I’ve found with statement jewellery pieces is to not over-do it. Choose one stand-out piece like a chunky cuff or an oversized necklace and keep everything else small and simple. You can’t go wrong, just have fun with it!

How do you like to accessories your jewellery?…









This post was in collaboration with Monica Vinader who kindly allowed me to choose a selection of jewellery from their website, All thoughts and opinions are my own.