Sleep is something I’m not getting a lot of right now. But, it’s not because I’m out partying or working late…it’s because I’m in a double bed with my beau while we wait to move into our new house. Double beds are fine, I had one for years but anyone who’s had a kingsize bed knows, going back to a double is tricky. So, I’ve been rummaging in the mountain of boxes at my mums to find some of my favourite bed time treats to help me drift off.

I may also have treated myself to a little early Christmas present in Black Friday as well with these gorgeous silk pyjamas from Missguided. I’ve been looking for some stylish pyjamas to wear on Christmas morning and these are perfect. And the matching robe is now my favourite reason to get ready for bed. I don’t think I’ve had a robe since I was a kid but this is so much chicer than a Minnie Mouse one!


I love candles, I’m a total sucker for a Neom, Jo Malone, Cocolux or Diptyque and am slowing starting to choose scents based on my mood or season. I always try to choose subtle scents for my bedroom that won’t stimulate my mind like lavender and sandalwood. Candles are most potent in the first 20 minutes to an hour of lighting them so, I tend to light mine while I have a bath and carry them into the bedroom for another half hour. Bliss!


When it comes to falling asleep, I’m one of those people who need total silence and darkness. For a better night’s sleep I have to close all of my curtains and blinds, turn off any lights and turn off my phone. Ok, the last one I’m still working on but I know it’s better to leave all blue light from tech out of the room. There’s nothing worse than getting too hot or cold in bed, it wakes me up every time and find that I sleep better with a window open – even in the depths of winter which my boyfriend hates!


As you’ve probably seen from my many beauty posts, I’m a total beauty junkie and sleep products are no different. Pillow sprays are something I’ve only just got into and I’ve been so surprised how much they help me sleep better. I think it’s something to do with that comforting spa-like scent they give off. I always like to test pillow sprays on the back of my hand before I buy and then on some fabric like the arm of my jumper to see how it sits on material.


I couldn’t do a sleep post without touching on beauty! I think a sign of a good night’s sleep is how my skin looks when I wake up. If I’ve not had a good rest my complexion looks dull, puffy and dry. So now that it’s winter I’ve switched to rich oils and creams overnight for a little extra help. I’m still learning about eye creams in my quest to battle my pre-30 crows feet but I love a rich formula for my dry eyes. I love Eve Lom products and the eye cream is perfect to de-puff any tired eyes.


Hawaiian Print Pyjama Set, Missguided

Hawaiian Print Silk Robe, Missguided