The debate about whether to wear make-up in the gym is one that has been rolling on for years. What does it really do to our skin? Does it lead to spots? Can I stomach the thought of going bare faced? Are all questions we’ve asked ourselves when we slip on our trainers. So I spoke to celebrity facialist Debbie Thomas to find out what we should be doing.

In an ideal world we would be working out with squeaky clean skin or maybe just a touch of free radical busting anti-oxidant serum to neutralise some of the oxidative stress caused by getting hot and sweaty.There are 2 reasons for this; firstly your skin needs to breathe and traditional makeup whether liquid, cream or powder is not breathable. Second when you get hot you sweat and your pores can enlarge to help you cool down, sweat mixes with the makeup, this new mixture will settle slightly into the now open pores.
Once you cool down the pores shrink again, trapping the bacteria caused by the combination of sweat and make-up in the pore. This not only leads to generally less healthy skin but can also contribute to breakouts and sensitivity conditions such as rosacea.
If you really can’t bear going bare faced then opt for one of the newest breathable foundations like Oxygenetix, which not only lets  skin breathe, it also has calming and healing benefits. After your work out whether you wore makeup or not make sure you clean your skin well, sweat can irritate the skin and promotes the growth of bacteria.”
So that’s that ladies, going nude will leading to beautiful glowing skin. But if, like me, it’s more of a red sweaty mess than a glow, here are some workout-friendly products to ease you off the hard stuff!