high end fashion

high end fashion

If I’d seen this handbag and not known who it was by I would’ve said Givenchy or perhaps Chanel. Quilted front, chain strap and hardware details, yep, that’s a designer handbag. But you can probably guess by now that it’s not because there’s no way I would be able to afford £2,000 (and upwards) on a handbag…sadly! I’ve always been really open-minded when it comes to mixing high end fashion with high street finds because it’s all subjective. The high street is hot on the heels of designer brands in terms of trends and, at times, craftsmanship meaning it’s not as throw-away as it used to be.

At this time of year, we’re not quite in the throes of spring fashion but there’s loads of micro trends that are surfacing like fluted sleeves, tie-up jumpers, knitted trousers, frills and ladylike handbags (both of which you can see here). So, shop carefully – pick the trends that will stand the test of time so you won’t be bored in a month. I’ve put together a couple of tips I swear by when ‘investing’ in high street fashion to get the most out of my buys…

high end fashion

high end fashion


I can always tell if something is going to fall apart in a few weeks or after its first wash. With high end fashion pieces, the materials and finishes are flawless which justifies the price. High street is a little more slap dash but you can get some great finds. Inspect the seams and linings, pull them apart gently to see how they fair – if they look weak or happy, leave it be! I’m more drawn towards sturdier fabrics that are thicker in weight and look more expensive than they are. Stay away from too much polyester – it’ll fade quickly and doesn’t look very luxe.


The great thing about the high street is that they copy high end fashion brands. I know this isn’t so great for the designer but my purse is very thankful! I don’t like to let brands tell me what’s on trend, it’s more likely to be a passing fad that won’t last. I’m a stickler for following trends by reading fashion magazines, reading blogs and keeping an eye on the catwalk. If you see something wild expensive by Gucci or Victoria Beckham, don’t give up on it – keep that one specific thing in your mind and find a high street alternative. And believe me, there will be one.


Some of the best luxury items are the simplest. These are the pieces that will be timeless and always in style. A camel trench coat, a boxy handbag, pearl earrings – these are all classics that are worth investing in. Although designers create unbelievable collections – is that £800 graffiti monogrammed handbag going to be the height of fashion in 6 months or a year? Hmm….


What I’m drawn to in high end fashion is the beautiful colour palettes. Nudes, crisp white, black tailoring, navy, burgundy…they’re all colours that aren’t dictated by a trend or even a season. They look expensive, they all go well when teamed together and they suit almost any skin tone.

high end fashion

high end fashion

“Some of the best luxury items are the simplest. These are the pieces that will be timeless and always in style.”high end fashion



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