summer ready

summer ready

I woke up one morning last week, looked out of the window and panicked. The sun was out. This, normally would make me spring up out of bed and be in a great mood all day. But no today. Because, my skin was not summer ready. When I was in California, I had prepped before we left and kept up with the maintenance while we were away because I was on the beach and wearing Cali-friendly outfits. But since we got back I’ve been a bit lax with my bodycare because, well, it’s England! Yet every now and again this great country throws us a weather curve ball and more often than not, we are not ready for it. This was one of those mornings.

OK, we’re not hitting balmy temperatures just yet but with all these gorgeous Insta-holidays hitting my news feeds I’ve realised (looking at my unkept legs) that it’s not far away. So, I thought I’d treat myself to a few new summer bodycare products to get my skin in tip top shape, just in case we find a sunny day come our way.

summer ready

This Works Trouble Shooter, £35

I discovered this product the other week when I was in a bit of a panic. I was applying fake tan to give me skin a little lift and it just kept sticking to my knees. So, I scrubbed, I reapplied and it did it again! This has never happened before and I really freaked out about it. The next day, sure enough my knees looked awful and it was because they were dry from shaving them. After looking into balms and oils I found this from This Works – a product designed for problem areas. Winner! Packed with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, it softens any dry areas like knees and elbows pretty much overnight. Perfect for that summer ready prep.

summer ready

Hayo’u Beauty Restorer Jade Gua Sha Massage Tool, £35

If you haven’t heard of Hayo’u yet, you soon will! I never knew that wellness products for the body existed but my beauty regime is so much better for them. This is actually a massage tool for the face but I like to use it on my body to improve circulation and rid my muscles of any gym-induced tension. I press it against the backs of my legs, arms and chest to improve lymphatic drainage (responsible for cellulite and uneven skin tone). I love how cooling it is on my skin and I’ve noticed how much more toned my limbs look since using it every day.

Mio Body Brush, £14.50

When the warmer weather rolls around, body brushes will be your best friends! If I need a quick summer body pick-me-up, body brushes are my go-to. There’s nothing that makes my skin feel more toned than 10 minutes of long, sweeping movements on my legs and arms than this. With natural boar bristles and massage nodules, it diminishes the appearance of cellulite super quickly and boosts blood flow. I use it every day before the shower for smooth legs but it can improve skins appearance almost instantly if you’re in a last minute bare leg situation!

summer ready

Hayo’u Bath Rite Shower Minerals, £28

Speaking of Hayo’u, I’ve also snapped up their shower minerals in a bid to create smoother, summer ready skin. Anything with the word ‘minerals’ in the title instantly gets my intention because they’re SO good for our skin and are often overlooked. With Himalayan pink salt, it balances the ph balance to eliminate toxins and increase our circulation. In short, it smells like an explosion of summer night’s and exotic flowers in the shower and gives your skin a beautiful dewy and illuminated finish with every wash.

summer ready

Elemis Total glow Bronzing Lotion, £35

It wouldn’t be summer prep without a little help on the tanning side. I’m very conscious of looking too tanned around this time of the year because it doesn’t look very natural. I like to have a subtle golden glow as spring gets under way and this everyday lotion from Elemis is perfect for that. When you’re not feeling summer ready, a smothering of gradual tanner on smooth, hydrated skin can make all of the difference.

summer ready

Rosie for Autograph Divine Body Cream, £10 Marks and Spencer

If anyone knows about looking summer ready all year round it’s a supermodel! I’ve used Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s beauty range for Marks and Spencer for a few months now and I’ve been seriously impressed with their quality. To coincide with Rosie’s swimwear collection, she has also added a few body care products to her offering. This Divine Body Cream smells exactly like a summer moisturiser should – light, floral and subtle. With light-reflecting particles, it gives skin a beautiful, natural-looking sheen. perfect for those silky camp’s and tailored culottes!


summer ready

Hayo’u, £35

summer ready

Hayo’u, £28


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