As part of my beautiful stay at Gleneagles Hotel this week, I’m having a nutritional consultation and personal trainer session and I can’t wait (I know, weird right?!) Although I work out 3-4 times a week and my boyfriend happens to be a personal trainer, I’m constantly looking for new ways to shake things up and work muscles I haven’t before (there’ll be ALOT of those!) Working for a national fitness magazine has also seduced me into stepping up my fitness fashion kit which makes a massive difference to how i work out. Having stylish workout gear really does help you to look forward to hitting the gym. Here’s a couple of my favourite pieces…

Zoom Agility Trainers, £100, Nike, Running Tights, £29.99, H&M, Sports Essentials Tank Top, £12, Adidas, Earphones, £25, Apple, Ankle Weights, £6, Body Sculpture, RBX Sport Armband