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I’ve been literally bursting with ideas for content at the moment, I can’t write it down quick enough. The majority of it does seem to be under the beauty category I admit. I’m lucky enough to do the beauty pages for the magazine I work for full time so my love of all things cosmetic is bordering on ridiculous. I just can’t wait to hear about the latest products and launches and what amazing things brands have come up with next, it excites me so much. But, amongst all my ideas I wanted to just slow down for a moment and tell you about some of my favourite new beauty launches. Sometimes I buy and am gifted (yes, it does happen to ALL bloggers and I know it’s a controversial subject) products that maybe don’t fit into a blog post or I’m just too damn excited to wait. I want to tell you about them immediately! So, here’s a few of my faves from this month…

new beauty launches

Pro-Definition Facial Oil, £65 Elemis (launching March)

If you read my blog often you’ll know that I’m on a mission when it comes to anti-ageing skincare. Anything to hold back the years! I’ve used Elemis products for years – I like them, I trust them and they really work. So, I knew their face oil was one to try. My skin is really dry all year round so it drinks up anything oily and nourishing, especially at night. With raspberry plant stem cell extract, Himalayan gentian extract and organic Barbary fig oil it encourages your face to naturally contour and firms up areas that are prone to sagging. Bye bye contour kit! I put this on whilst my face is still a little damp after the shower and it feels absolutely amazing in the morning.





Gentle Foaming Cleanser, £29

Refreshing Shower Mask, £32, Dr Perricone

I admit, when I heard about Dr Perricone last year, it was the first time. But I was drawn to their clinical, apothecary feel – it made me think “now this looks like a brand that knows about skincare” and I wasn’t wrong. Their new (ish) Pre:Empt collection had been created specifically for women just like me who are in their 20’s and 30’s who want to take precautions against ageing before those dreaded crows feet set in! There aren’t many cleansers which suit my skin, they tend to leave it dry or irritated but this is super gentle and takes over every last bit of make-up. I haven’t actually heard of a shower mask before so I had to give this a go. It’s a gel (which I wasn’t expecting) snd stays on the skin while you shower. It’s activated by the shower’s heat and steam and left my skin so unbelievably soft, I didn’t even need to moisturise afterwards.

new beauty launches

Aura Botanica Multi-Use Hair Booster,

£42.50 Kerastase

You’ve probably seen these on my Instagram Stories a few weeks ago because I couldn’t believe that Kerastase had launched a Aura Botanica collection. I was so excited about these new beauty launches because I love the brand but am always quite conscious of what chemicals are in my haircare that make it so dry. And my god is it dry at the moment. But the fact that this collection is 98% natural makes me so happy. A lot of people question what natural actually means and in this case there’s no silicones, sulfates or parabens and instead includes coconut oil and Moroccan Argan oil. I use this booster before shampooing which feels a bit odd but it gives it an extra hit of nutrition and leaves my hair really soft when I get out of the shower. It even smells natural with a slight tea-like smell rather than the over-powering floral scent we’re used to in shampoos. There’s also a hair oil which is amazing. I left it on overnight and my hair looked and felt so much healthier the next day, I didn’t even need to style it! The whole collection is amazing and my hair is now so shiny my straighteners squeak on it (true story!).

new beauty launches

Idéalia Peeling, £20 Vichy

As fashion looks to Paris for next seasons trends, we look to its pharmacies for our bathroom essentials. Their beauty labs are cutting edge when it comes to pioneering new must-haves that are loved by models, make-up artists and skincare insiders. And the best bit is that not many people know how amazing they are. Vichy is a prime example-their products are clean, gentle and effective. This new overnight treatment combines antioxidant blueberry polyphenol with fermented black tea to refine your skin and plump out fine lines. I used this on the evening after a late night when my skin was dehydrated and dull. The next morning its texture completely transformed – it was even, bright and smooth. Perfect for when you need a weekly pick-me-up.

new beauty launches

Intensive Hyaluronic Serum £49.50 Institut Esthederm

Not many people have heard of Institut Esthederm but it’s a real gem of a brand. In fact, it’s the only brand I can use for SPF in the summer which doesn’t aggrevate my sensitive skin. As part of their new beauty launches they’ve  specifically created a range to target fine lines and dehydration (which accelerates the ageing process). Full of three forms of skin-loving hyaluronic acid, their serum penetrates the epidermis layer so it works harder than most topical products for intense hydration. I’m so skeptical about some serums, I know if it’s going to be what my skin needs as soon as I put it on it. If it’s watery and disappears in a second, it’s wasted on me. But if it sinks in well and leave my complexion plump and glowy, like this Institut Esthederm serum, it’s a winner.

new beauty launches

new beauty launches


Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt and Glow Body Lotion, £18 St Tropez

Every time St Tropez bring out a new gradual tan I can’t help but groan a little. Don’t get me wrong, I use their self tan mousse all the time (when it’s not too cold to get undressed), but I’ve never got on with gradual tans. No matter how much I blend, blend, blend, I still manage to have a streak here or there. I know you feel a ‘but’ coming. BUT, the difference with this is that it includes that wonder ingredient again – hyaluronic acid – so my skin did actually feel moisturised unlike most creams with tan in. I think this is where the ‘sculpt’ element comes in because your skin is hydrated it does feel smoother and more toned. I wouldn’t say it sculpted though – i don’t suddenly have gun-worthy arms as a result! Applying a really thin layer every day seemed to help with the streak problem and the fact that it has sea algae in it means it’s soothing on dry areas.