You can always count on fashion etailer Net-A-Porter to launch a revolutionary new way to shop their designer collections. With the help of American video platform, Cinematique, the online fashion giant has teamed up with British brand Temperley London to launch a short film on Wednesday that allows the customer to shop straight from motion picture.

Filmed at Alice Temperley’s home in Somerset, the footage follows the lead up to the designer’s annual summer party, titled “White Magic”. Shot by Alice’s brother Harry, the film shows an unprecedented insight into their beautiful family home basking in the summer sun. With Alice acting as Creative Director and her sister, Matilda, as the photographer, it was the kind of family affair that the brand is synonymous with.

Debuting the endless possibilities technology can present to the consumer, audiences will be able to actively search within the footage for extras such as out-takes and details about the house and its décor. Strategically placed “hot spots” will allow the customer to touch and buy directly from the film, share it with their friends and store it in their personal boutique for later.

“The consumer wants authentic storytelling in an innovative and entertaining manner. Thanks to…Cinematique, viewers can emotionally connect with Alice Temperley’s magical world while shopping the film,”  Ulrik Garde Due, Chief Executive Officer of Temperley London told Buro 247.

That’s one party we definitely would’ve RSVP’d to!

To mark the occasion, Temperley London has designed three limited edition dresses exclusively for