natural organic beauty productsnatural organic beauty productsIf I said ‘natural organic beauty products’ to you, what would you think of? Hippies in hessian? natural organic beauty products. Vegans? Bad packaging? Or maybe all of the above! Natural beauty products has had to bat off the stigma of being weird and ineffective as much as veganism, but with health and wellness being one of the biggest growing trends to date, organic beauty comes as part of the recycable package. I never knew much about natural, organic beauty products until I became features writer at Natural Health magazine. After researching brands for photoshoots and interviewing experts my mascara-laden eyes had been well and truly opened!

Now, I’m not going to brand-bash here because I actually love both natural and un-natural beauty products but as someone that’s suffered from rosacea, finding a balance is key. I’ve spoken before about how significant organic beauty has been in overcoming this skin condition and it was these brands that instantly calmed it down, hydrated it from within and made it stronger overall. I had no idea whatsoever that my favourite skincare products and make-up bases were actually making the issue so much worse – it took me a long time to un-do the damage.

But even if you don’t have problematic skin, natural organic beauty products can completely transform your complexion. As much as I love conventional beauty products, a lot of us don’t realise that they can contain harmful artificial colourings, plastic, formaldehyde, lead (WTF!), and parabens. These can be absorbed through your skin, into your bloodstream and cause, at best, a change in hormones and, at worst, chronic disease. I don’t want to scare anyone, if you don’t want to change to 100% natural, organic beauty products that’s absolutely fine, but being a little more aware of the ingredients could change everything. I definitely find that some natural products don’t do the job as well as conventional brands so have struck up a balance between the two. Here are a few key ingredients to look out for in natural organic beauty products and avoid at all costs!…

BHA’s and BHT’s

Preservatives for make-up and moisturisers that can cause cancer


Found in foaming products reacts with other ingredients to create a carcinogen


Linked to breast cancer


A foaming agent in soaps and shampoos, SLS and SLES are skin irritants and can enter the heart, brain and liver through the skin and gather there


Based on silicone, they’re found in ‘oil-free’ make-up products, hairsprays and lip glosses and can affect fertility

OK, scary stuff over, I want to stress that not ALL non-natural organic beauty products have these ingredients in them, but be sure to keep an eye out. If you need a place to start, here are some of my favourite organic beauty brands that will have your sin glowing with health in no time, without a piece of hessian in sight!

natural organic beauty products


The Elixir, £49

Caudalie is a brand that I come back to time and time again because it gives me the results I’m looking for. Their products are centred around the grape, the vine and the grape-seed oil, Vinolevure in particular. I love that they’re a family-owned company and include a lot of foodie ingredients in their products like avocado, sage and ginger. The Elixir is a stand-out product in their collection because it gives skin that natural glow rather than a greasy, oily mess!

natural organic beauty products


Cooling Oil, £24

Personally, there aren’t many natural organic beauty products in the haircare sector that I find work very well. They don’t tend to give me that squeaky clean shine which I guess is the point because they don’t contain that foaming agent. Aveda is a massive exception. Their shampoos and conditioners are amazing and leave my hair glossy and full of volume every time without the product build-up. But, not many people know that they also offer skincare. I’m yet to try the range but if it’s anything like this Cooling Oil, it’s going to be something special. I massage this into my neck and shoulders after doing a weights session in the gym and it instantly makes them feel cool, relaxed and less sore.

natural organic beauty products


Perfect Heels Rescue Balm, £16

Ah, I think everyone has a bit of a soft spot for This Works. I’m in love with their sleep collection and actually became a little too dependent on their Pillow Spray for a good night’s sleep! Their products sit at the luxury-end of the natural organic beauty products spectrum thanks to their chic packaging and cool aesthetic. Tottering around in heels most of the day means that unfortunately, I end up with rhino heels (as my boyfriend puts it!). I couldn’t find anything that worked until I tried this, put some socks on, went to sleep and woke up without a hard heel in sight!

natural organic beauty products

natural organic beauty products


Instant Calm Redness Serum, £42

I first heard about Pai from an over-excited PR who, at first, I thought was selling me a client but it turns out she wasn’t repping them but just LOVED the brand. And I can see why after trying their products. OK, the packaging may not be sleek and their website isn’t a show-stopper but their products are 100% worth every penny. Pai’s cleanser was the first I tried that didn’t inflame my skin and I became hooked instantly. I still use this serum when my skin is stressed out and needs something nourishing and deliciously smelling!

natural organic beauty products


Hot Cloth Cleanser, £15.50

The queen of wellness, Liz Earle is a great place to start if you’re new to natural organic beauty products. And if you’re going to buy one product, make it the Hot Cloth Cleanser. Known as a cult beauty product, it’s earnt star status because it really is that good! If you leave a spa day or a facial and wish that your skin could feel that amazing every day, you need Liz Earle in your life. It comes with a muslin cloth and soaking it in hot water allows the cleanser to delve deep into your pores and melt away any dirt, grime or make-up.

natural organic beauty products

natural organic beauty products


Cell Repair Night Oil, £55

If you’re a regular at TwentySixStyle you’ll be well aware of my love of this brand! I could bang on about these products all day because they are the epitome of skincare whether you have ailments or not. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Aurelia Probiotic Skincare founder, Claire Vero and it made me love the brand even more. Her ethos behind it is so inspiring – if you want guilt-free, gentle but potent products in your daily routine, this brand is an investment and I promise you will see a difference in your skin almost immediately. OK, brand love over!

natural organic beauty products


Renaissance Cleansing Gel, £29.50

I’m relatively new to Oskia but it has to have one of the most intresting stories I’ve ever heard – it’s what attracted me to the brand. In a nutshell, the founder, Georgie Cleeve’s dad (still with me?), developed MSM natural form of organic sulphur as a supplement for the joints of race horses. Georgie started using this herself as she’d experienced a devastating ski accident and defied her doctors expectations. Not only did she recover, the supplements got rid of her eczema, acne and dull skin. Georgie has now developed a range of skincare and supplements with MSM, harnessing all the essential cell nutrients – minerals, vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids our hair, skin and nails need. Genius!

What natural organic beauty products do you like?