When I get back from holiday, not only am I relaxed and depressed to be back, it’s also time for a big maintenance session! Although I pack a lot of beauty products to keep things ticking over whilst I’m away, there’s that pesky weight limit meaning that some products don’t make the cut! So, now that I’m back the main objective is this: repair and nourish my skin and hair. Not only to put the life back into it after sun exposure, travelling and maybe one too many mojito’s, but also to preserve that tan we work so hard to get! Those of you who live in a colder climate like the UK will get what I’m talking about here. Although I slather on factor 30, I still like a bit of a glow and my god am I going to try and keep it! Luckily, these key products help in that department…

L’Oreal Professional Expert Solar Sublime After Sun Balm, £12.99, A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturiser with White Tea, £36, Origins, Stress Fix Oil, £22, Aveda, Coconut Oil Body Soufflé, £9.49, Dr Organic, Blue Orchid Face Oil, £32, Clarins, Moisturising Peeling Mask, £13.71, Naobay