Since her abnormally amicable split from actor, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr has kept a very dignified stance. Their united front and mutual admiration all seemed a little too..PR’d for our liking. But with a Justin Bieber bar brawl, Orlando’s lothario ways in Ibiza and Miranda’s own love triangle, the ex’s well-planned split is starting to unravel.

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last six months; here’s an overview. Miranda’s rumoured new boyfriend, the billionaire, James Packer was seen fighting in the street with best friend David Gyngell (also linked to Kerr) earlier this year, allegedly over the supermodels affections. However Miranda has now broken her silence for the first time to the Sunday Times Style magazine, “They weren’t fighting over me,” she said of Gyngell and Packer’s scrap. “I won’t comment on other people’s actions and decisions. James and I are friends, but people want to make a story, the public want to put me with someone. I know the truth, I am single, and the people that are important to me know the truth and that is all.”

But with Orlando get cosy with Packers ex-wife in Ibiza, the plot thickens!…