Blogger Jessica Harris on looking back on 2017 and what she's most grateful for

Blogger Jessica Harris on looking back on 2017 and what she's most grateful for

Blogger Jessica Harris on looking back on 2017 and what she's most grateful for


The presents have been unwrapped, the mulled wine is all gone (just) and that’s it for another year! I can’t believe 2017 is over already but what an amazing 12 months it’s been. I seem to forget how much has happened and what I’ve achieved over the last year until I sit down and start looking back on 2017, listing it all in my head. We race through life at a hundred miles an hour, always thinking of the next thing without taking stock of what has already just been or giving ourselves the pat on the back we deserve.

It wasn’t until someone on Instagram asked ‘what have your biggest achievements been in 2017?’ that it made me stop and think about it. Because whatever they are, no matter how small, they deserve your time. Not only to give yourself a mental high five but to also consider what you might have changed or how you can keep pushing forward in 2018. So, I thought I’d do a mini post on some of the things I’m really grateful for that have come my way this year and what I’m looking forward to in 2018.


Looking back on 2017, if someone had told me that 4 weeks before Christmas I’d quit my job and work for myself, I’d have probably laughed in their face! It was probably the worst timing and the biggest risk I’ve ever taken but if there’s anything that’s going to push you to make it succeed it’s jumping and hoping a net will appear. There are always a million reasons why we shouldn’t take risks when the alternative is something safe, reliable and comfortable but I tend to find that that’s exactly the right time to break free. Who wants to be coasting through life reliably when you could be living it feel alive, inspired and motivated? Life’s too short to hold yourself back and not try to be exactly who you always envisioned yourself to be. The worst case scenerio? You fail and do something else – I’d always rather be that person than the one who didn’t try at all.


I started this blog as a way to write about what I wanted to write about and to take myself out of my comfort zone. I’m someone who thinks you should always be learning and my god has this been a learning curve and I’m only just scratching the surface. I went into this not knowing what this blog would be. I haven’t done it to make money or be an “influencer”, I just wanted a creative outlet and if only my family read it then great! Luckily, it’s gone a little bit outside of my family and very slowly grown into a little more than a hobby. I have zero expectations on where it will go but I’m very happy to find out. I’ve been approached by a lot of brands this year which is very exciting but I only choose to work with ones that fit with my style and ethos. Some massive highlights looking back on 2017 include

Being asked to create a beauty box with Roccabox

Shooting with John Lewis, Free People

Creating Valentines Day content with Burberry

Being invited to Sri Lanka to review The Dutch House

Shooting some footwear posts in California with Dune

And I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!


I can’t quite believe that that amazing day where Toff got down on bended knee at the top was Runyon Canyon in LA was 8 months ago. When I’m looking back on 2017 it’s my favourite memory. It was the perfect end to the most incredible trip, a trip that had been on my bucket list for as long as I could remember. The last five years of our relationship hasn’t always been easy and we’ve both had some unusually difficult experiences to overcome separately and together but it all came together on that day in April. And I’m so grateful to the stranger who captured it on their phone for us!

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Travel has always been a huge part of our lives and looking back on 2017 it’s pretty obvious that we love to run away and explore new countries and cultures. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to travel so much for my job but even if that wasn’t the case, we’d make the effort and time to see as much as we can. We are an incredibly privileged nation to be able to travel around the world, so many people don’t have that option available to them so not taking advantage of that is not an option for us. And as for money? I would much rather have a life rich in experiences than a pot of cash for those just-in-case days. Highlights include




Sri Lanka


A spa staycation

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As a 30 year old (sob), making friends is strangely difficult. When your school friends have scattered and your social diary thins out (who can be bothered to go clubbing on a school night anymore?! No thanks!) putting yourself in situations to meet people is few and far between. So when you do meet people that you click with, hang on to them with both hands. Well, not literally that may be a little forward. This year (and the year before) I’ve made some friends for life. Ones that know me inside out and don’t judge, ones that listen to my fears and worries without distraction and ones that make me laugh without even trying. They’ve been there for me in times of real peril and celebration this year, especially in the last 6 months and I don’t for a second take that for granted.



Whoo!! Get ready for lots of wedding content over the next few months because this shit is getting real!


Yep, we’re mental, I know. It’s going to be stressful, we’re moving out in February and the builders are moving in! There’ll also be a lot more interiors content knocking around and I’m going to share the whole dusty experience with you!


Looking back on 2017 there’s so much that happened over the last 12 months that I don’t give myself credit for but 2018 is going to be an interesting year I feel! I may not have any idea of what I’m doing but I know where I want to get to.


Wedding, house, yep we really shouldn’t be going away next year…but we probably will! With honeymoons to plan and far flung places pinned on the map, maybe we’ll do one more year. Just one.