Ladies, you’ll know what I mean when I say there’s nothing more annoying than rooting around in the bottomless tote trying to find your keys/lipgloss/phone on a night out or worse, when you’re in your car. Everytime I hold up a queue of cars at the traffic lights I hiss “there must be an invention for this soon, otherwise I’ll come up with one!” Lucky for us, the legendary Ralph Lauren has saved me the hassle (I really was going to).

Introducing the new Ricky bag (not too sure about the name but we’ll overlook that);  a beautiful leather handbag with, wait for it, an interior phone-charging port and a leather flap that lifts to activate LED lights for increased visibility-hallelujah! The Ricky Bag With Light is lined with purple nappa leather, and a discreet rechargeable battery that powers an LED light to help find that pesky purse. The battery has a USB port for charging any kind of mobile phone and a micro USB port for a black cord (provided with the bag) to recharge the battery.

The female population thanks you Mr Lauren…



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