5 of the best Glossier products by beauty blogger Jessica Harris

It’s been the word on every beauty lover’s glossy lips for months and the day has finally arrived. No longer do we have to stock load when we’re on the other side of the pond or hunt down those “we’re going to the US” Facebook status’s to beg for a sneaky order. Just me? Well those days are over as Glossier has finally hit British shores and we’re all very excited about it.

As the brainchild of Emily Weiss, founder of the ultra chic Into The Gloss website who you might remember as ‘Intern Emily’ on The Hills (such a “oh her!” moment when I realised!), Glossier started with just four skincare-based products priced at an incredibly reasonable $12-$26. From interning at Teen Vogue and W magazine, Emily has created a career out of savvy decision-making and built a brand on listening to her customers first hand. I read this article on Emily and finished it open-mouthed and in awe of her story.

Three years since its launch, Glossier’s trademark pink and white packaging has reached bathrooms all over Britain. And I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of its most coveted products. So, if you want to try Glossier (and I seriously recommend you do!), these five are a great place to start.

5 of the best Glossier products by beauty blogger Jessica Harris

5 of the best Glossier products by beauty blogger Jessica Harris

5 of the best Glossier products by beauty blogger Jessica Harris

5 of the best Glossier products by beauty blogger Jessica Harris


With a firm focus still on that cheekbone sheen, I’m slowly making my way through every type of highlighter – from creams, powders to sticks in search of The One. So far, my favourite has been this RMS one but Haloscope is right up there alongside the best. Creamy, subtle and convenient enough to use on the go, the outer halo is infused with real crystal extract. Yep, I know! While the centre is packed with vitamin-heavy moisturizers, like coconut and sweet almond oils. So, not only will your skin by hydrated and glowing in all the right places, your face will be giving out good vibes all day long (if you believe in that kinda thing!)


 This comes with a certain disclaimer so we’re all very clear: This is not a foundation, or concealer. At best it’s a very very sheer tinted moisturiser. It’s the type of product you’d turn to on those days when you can’t be bothered to put make-up on but want everyone to think you have naturally gorgeous and even skin. For me, this is definitely Sundays. Or when you want a glowy complexion without relying on layers of foundation and powder. It won’t cover your freckles (or blemishes) but will leave you with skin that looks like skin. Only better. Nuff said.

5 of the best Glossier products by beauty blogger Jessica Harris
5 of the best Glossier products by beauty blogger Jessica Harris


Having blonde eyebrows is a nightmare. What was once cute as a child is now an expressionless abyss when I forgo my beloved pencil. For this reason I struggle to find the right shade. They’re either too light or so dark I look like Fran from Dodgeball. But Brow Boy is a pigmented gel that comes with a small brush to give you an accurate draw on the shape. It’s relatively sheer so I use it like a mascara, giving it a couple of coats and topping it up with a light pencil on the areas I want more precise definition. Ultimately, I always prefer a brow mascara than a pencil for it’s effortless ability to slick generally rubbish brows into something resembling a groomed and glossy finished look. With Emily citing this as her desert island must have I have to admit that I’m with her on that one.


 Yep, it’s as fun and childlike as it sounds! Packaged in a minimal tube synonymous with artist paints, this creamy blush comes in four glorious shades. I’m not a big fan of blush, as you well know if you read this blog post, but the Beam hue is just enough to lift my finished face and stop it from looking ‘flat’. You know what I mean when I say that. It adds warmth, glow and vibrancy for that I’ve-just-taken-a-brisk-walk look.


Doesn’t the name just make you want to bathe in the stuff? Packed with vitamin C and the wonder mineral, Magnesium, Superglow gives dull skin a much-needed boost. The first time I used it, as lovely as it was, I didn’t notice a huge difference, nor on the second or third time. It wasn’t until I completed an entire week that I noticed I was putting less foundation on in the morning. My skin was softer, smooth and just a bit more naturally glow-y. Use it under your moisturiser like a serum and it’s especially good for any post-blemish marks I noticed.


You can buy the whole Glossier range HERE

These products were kindly sent to me by Glossier