more fearless

more fearless

There comes a time for us all where we have to be brave and break out of our comfort zone. It’s not easy, it might not be that enjoyable at first but it’s most definitely necessary. Sailing through life or work is absolutely fine if that’s what makes you happy – we all want to feel at ease in our lives, but there comes a point where it’s time to shake things up in order to grow. To be more fearless. That time usually comes when you’ve learnt everything you can from that particular situation or you’re ready for more.

But taking that leap is usually one of the scariest and nerve-wracking things we can do. Which is why we probably put it off for much longer than we should. More often than not we know what we need to do to move forward and take it to the next level but actually doing it is another matter entirely! Sound familiar?

Although timing is everything, maybe there comes a time where we have to have trust our instincts and jump rather than be pushed (metaphorically obviously!). To have faith in ourselves and what we want to achieve. There’s an amazing quote in Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life“Let us imagine that life is a river. Most people are clinging to the bank, afraid to let go and risk being carried along by the current of the river. At a certain point, each of us must be willing to simply let go, and trust the river to carry us along safely. At this point, we learn to “go with the flow.”

So, in the interest of jumping together and going with the flow, these are my thoughts on how we can be more fearless.

more fearless

fearless in life


This is probably the biggest thing that holds us back from taking the next step. That little voice inside that says: “Really? Are you sure?” And just like that, it’s game over. When that voice starts doubting your ability to be more fearless, it’s time to talk back and ask “Why not?” and have more confidence in your ability. After all, you’ve got as far as thinking about it and seriously considering how it could work, so you’re already on your way.


Ah yes, there aren’t may who don’t care about being judged and I salute you my friends. We’ve all judged and been judged, whether we’re aware of it or not. But there comes a time where we have to realise that it’s going to happen whatever we do – whether we succeed or fail so there’s no point letting it stand in our way when it’s inevitable. What will determine your self worth, however, is surrounding yourself with people that will support your decisions – even if they are farfetched day dreams. Those are the people that will make you feel invincible.

There have been more times than I care to remember when I have doubted myself and worried about what people will think. Especially when I started blogging. But it was those around me that reminded me of why I do it – it isn’t to call myself a “blogger” or be under some illusion that I’m going to be the next Tanya Burr. It’s because I love it. I love the creative process and carving out a bit of the internet just for me. My rules. My direction. That’s it.


How many times has someone told you you can’t do something? From teachers to employers, to parents and loved ones, even the internet, it happens every day. We shouldn’t be proud because it’s bragging, we shouldn’t be confident because it’s arrogant, we shouldn’t take selfies because it’s narcissistic. Whatever we do, we can’t win and we stop doing what we want and what we love because we’re bullied into that decision. Maybe it’s time to please yourself instead of everyone else. Because when all is said and done, would you rather look back on mistakes or regrets? I know I’d prefer to try something and fail than not at all. Isn’t that what life is about anyway?