homeware haul

After a year looking and 6 months of buying (yep, 6), Toff and I finally moved into our house a week before Christmas last year. I’ve wanted to do a homeware haul since then, well, actually since we started looking, but we’ve not quite been there yet.

I should probably explain.

Since Toff and I are both country bumpkins, the lure of open fields and cosy pub lunches became too much when we realised that instead of being the ones stumbling back home after a night out in town, we had started moaning about said fun-havers on a Saturday night waking us up. In short, we got old. So, we packed our stuff and our cat and headed to a sleepy village in Suffolk and snapped up a Grade II ‘project’ house.

And by ‘project’ I don’t mean it’s unliveable, it’s just…unstyled. It’s wonky, at least 400 years old with timber beams and open fires but is desperately in need of a few less walls, a few more bathrooms and absolutely none of the brown floral tiles. We’re by no means there (or even started) but a beginning is on the horizon and that is enough for me to start looking at homeware. Who needs a new heating system and oil tank installation when console tables and pendant lighting is on offer?

I’m un-decided as to how much of this project I’m going to share as this isn’t a DIY SOS blog so perhaps people don’t want to know. Or maybe they do – let me know! In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of my favourite online interior destinations and what I’ve got my eye on post-project.


Typically I thought I’d kick off the homeware haul with the most expensive! Amara is one of those sites to head to if you want something a bit special like a stand-out piece that guarantees the ‘wow’ factor.


Ok, this one is a total curveball. Did anyone else know that Asda secretly had some amazing homeware pieces? Well, I didn’t but I’m pleasantly surprised to see they do and my bank balance more so. I’ve got my eye on that grey armchair, it’d be perfect for an office chair.


Ahh who doesn’t love a bit of Oliver? I had to resist turning this homeware haul into an OB haul as the lure of gold, marble and gorgeous prints was just too much. The vast price points make Oliver Bonas my absolute go-to, especially on accessories and trinkets that make those Instagram flatlays!


For a touch of grown-up glamour, trusty M&S has it nailed. To be honest, I find their furniture a little soul-less and expensive but you can’t beat their soft furnishings, towels and bedding for a homey feel.


JL are one of those brands that I trust every single time. Their customer service is brilliant and their products last forever so I don’t think twice when shopping there. I’ve got my eye on this beautiful navy cooker and I think their minimal furniture pieces would be a great contrast to the old style of our house.