If you’re on holiday countdown mode like me, then you should also be thinking about your beauty game plan. Gone are the days of throwing Hawaiian Oil into your suitcase and hoping for the best, our holiday beauty regime is more extensive than ever. And so it should be! Unlike our olive-skinned beauties of the tropics, the UK doesn’t see a lot of sunshine on a day-to-day basis so when it comes to jetting off to warmer climes, we’re tempted to fry our pasty skin in extreme temperatures for a hint of golden tan. I speak from experience here. As someone with very sensitive skin, I spent my holidays frustrated and annoyed that getting a bronzed complexion seemed impossible, I went from white, to pink, to white. But, over the years my change in diet and skincare has meant that I can now easily tan without spending hours being a slave to the sun. Although vitamin D is vital for our skin and wellbeing, excessive sun exposure will also leave us looking like a Mulberry handbag come our 40th birthday. No thanks. It’s SPF 30 for me all the way from now on-no wrinkles and a subtle glow, yes please!

Here’s what I’ll be packing in my case in a couple of weeks.

Miracle Balm, Aurelia, Jane Iredale Glow Time, Institut Esthederm Cellular Care Aftersun, Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Face Cream, L’Oreal Professional Solar Sublime Protection Spray