We’d all like to be a little more responsible when shopping. We should be avoiding leather, suede and other animal products a-la Stella McCartney and opting for organic cotton or buying from brands that don’t use sweatshops etc. But unfortunately we’re not always aware or they’re simply too expensive.

But thanks to H&M we can do a bit of guilt-free shopping that won’t break the bank. The high street favourite’s Conscious Denim range is stylish, sustainable and, above all, eco-friendly. What makes it so special you ask? It all comes down to fabric and production. The company used materials such as organic cotton, recycled wool, organic linen, and Tencel, a fabric made ”with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms” and ”created though the use of nanotechnology in an award-winning closed-loop process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions,” to lessen the environmental impact.

Giving back whilst boosting our wardrobe? It seems too good to be true!