There’s nothing more satisfying than washing the day off of your face and putting on a cleansing mask. To make the very most of this rare alone time, you want a mask that is jam-packed with goodness and will leave your skin glowing for the week ahead. So you can imagine my excitement when a new mask came to my attention using buzz words such as “mineral” “clay” and “volcanic”, although the last one is a little scary!

Gazelli’s story started at the hands of Dr Zarifa Hamzayeva (nothing more reassuring than having a doctor on board) who developed healing programmes using vitamins and phyto-therapy. Using holistic medicine and dermatology from her home country of Azerbaijan, the Gazelli group was founded. With over 400 mud volcanoes at their disposal, the anti-bacterial agents heal the skin and cleanses the skin of impurities.

On application, the mud glides onto the skin with a silt consistency and dries without that awkward¬†tight feeling that restricts communication to grunting and pointing. With a cooling effect on the face, it’s perfect to apply in a steamy bathroom after a warm shower where the pores are open and receptive to cleansing. Using a damp cotton flannel, the mask came off with ease and didn’t stain my brand new white cloths (phew!) and didn’t leave behind a chalky residue, unlike most clay masks. With one last splash of water, my face felt fresh, dewy and silky to touch. A swipe of night cream and eight hours sleep later, my complexion stayed so clean and clear for three days after that I by-passed foundation and powder and opted for a tinted moisturiser instead.

If only there was enough to do my entire body. I wonder how much flights to Azerbaijan are…

Volcanic Mud Mask, £40, Gazelli


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