I think most little girls made their own rose water growing up which basically consisted of rose petals and you guessed it, water! Suffice to say it was just a mulchy mess that would not benefit your skin in any shape or form. Enter Melvita Rose Water-a product specifically for sensitive skin and is obtained by distillation of organic rosa damascena petals. Naturally astringent, it helps regulate sebum production as well as preventing the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

It soothes and cleanses the skin subtly without stripping the complexion of natural oils. I have really sensitive skin and although I can still use water and specific cleanser, I do have friends who struggle to clean their face as even water aggravates their condition. So, this product is perfect for them, anyone with rosacea or has fried their face in the sun (tut tut!)

Simply apply to a cotton wool pad and sweep over the face and neck. Follow with moisturiser

Rose Water, £16, Melvita