Click above to buy Liquid Yoga

Click above to buy Liquid Yoga

As strong is the new skinny what better way to tone up than lying in a hot bath? With Mio’s Liquid Yoga restorative bath soak that’s exactly what you can do thanks to a concoction of Magnesium-rich Epsom salts, anti-inflammatory Murumuru Butter and Sage and Basil to improve circulation. Following the success of Mama Mio; the premium pregnancy skincare brand that launched in 2005, Mio has extended their range to include firming body care developed to deeply hydrate the skin and provide with a hefty dose of essential oils.

As a self-confessed gym bunny and frequent runner, I need all the help I can get to ease tired muscles and prevent injury. Plus everyone loves a nice hot bath on a Sunday evening! The milky consistency is milky and moisturising; so no bubble beards here I’m afraid. Thanks to the mineral salts and therapeutic herbs my body felt heavy and relaxed almost immediately as the fresh, minty aroma cleared my head and left me strangely focused. After twenty minutes, my aches and pains have eased and my muscles feel sleepy as though I’ve had an hour of therapeutic massage. Although this is a relatively standard feeling after a relaxing bath, the difference is that I don’t feel lethargic; I’m not crawling to my bed still in my towel or laying in tepid bathwater for hours on end. I feel calm and my body rested, but equally I’m motivated and surprisingly energised (now I understand the product title!). Definitely, a more enjoyable alternative than the gym I must admit!



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