“Self tan in the shower? Don’t be so ridiculous!” I remember the very words coming out of my mouth in the office to anyone that would listen when I received that beauty-changing email. “No, surely not” they all cried. But…surely so! Self tan pioneers St Tropez have indeed launched a gradual tan that CAN be used on wet skin in the shower. I know, right? This had to be seen to be believed.

I must admit, this bottle has sat on my bathroom cabinet for the last two weeks, daring me to try it. I look at it, I occasionally move it into the shower…then chicken out! But on one fateful Friday evening, with my Croatia/Italy tan fading fast, I did it.


In short, it worked. I don’t know how, I don’t know why-it seems wrong on so many levels but I washed and lightly exfoliated my entire body, washed my hair and turned the shower off. Wrapping my hair in a towel (I didn’t want to risk the drips) I rubbed the cream into my wet skin in circular motions. What scared me was the lack of moisturising on problem areas like the elbows, knees and wrists but I went gung-ho and rubbed the backs of my hands together, skipped over the elbows and waiting an agonising three minutes. I washed in all of thoroughly using just water until the residue on my skin had all gone. It was a mere hour and a half before I started to notice the darkening of my skin. Nothing drastic, orange or streaky, just a gorgeous subtle golden hue with NO build up, streaks or discolouration. A miracle product that completely takes the hassle (and smell) out of fake tan!


  • Make sure you lightly rub the palms of your hands over a towel to avoid orange palms.
  • Rub wrists and back of hands together to spread evenly
  • Don’t worry about blending it in too much, leave it white on the skin and watch it sink in over three minutes
  • Make sure you rinse it off with water only
  • Pat dry with a towel, don’t rub
  • Don’t worry if you’re haphazard with it, it doesn’t effect it-washing it off properly does.




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  1. July 10, 2015 / 4:32 pm

    Have to say, I have tried this & I love how easy it is

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