Promising to strengthen your strands with the help of a potent blend of silicon, biotin and the brand’s signature hyaluronic acid, Fountain’s Hair Molecule is a force to be reckoned with. Although I’ve always had thick hair, my teenage obsession with GHD’s has left it a little lighter than I now want (typical!). I’m always really sceptical about hair-boosting shampoo’s and any supplement that promises to give you celebrity hair without the extensions.

However, (you saw that coming!) I’ve been taking an undiluted spoonful of this a day (I’m hardcore like that!) and I must say, I have noticed a difference. It’s no Calpol, but my tastebuds can just about manage it. After a month I noticed that my hair was shinier, after two it became stronger and less tangled, now on my third month it feels stronger, thicker and more manageable in general. I think of it as if it’s a moisturiser for my hair. We all reach for the cream when we get out of the shower once or twice a day and this is exactly the same.

But don’t be put off by my over-enthusiastic approach-you can also dilute a teaspoon in water, fruit juice or tea.

The Hair Molecule, £35 Fountain