This week I’ve decided to break the rules slightly as this isn’t a skincare or makeup product but make no mistake, it deserves Hero Product status. Back in the day when Babyliss steam hair straighteners were ripping through my frizzy adolescent waves, GHD revolutionised haircare by launching the first ceramic hair straighteners that gave sleek and glossy tresses with one swipe. I saved up my waitressing money and skipped to the nearest salon to buy a pair and sadly, ten years later they’ve died a horrible death.

But browsing through GHD’s website, I’m ironically taken by the news that the beauty giant have now launched GHD Curve; a range of curling tongs with the same ceramic technology and promises of long-lasting ringlets or waves. Heating to a blistering 185 degrees, there is also a sprung lever, and a sleep mode turning off the tong after 30 minutes unused (phew!) With four tongs to choose from, you can transform your hair into ringlets, waves, or beachy, textured kinks.

My 16-year-old self is still a little over-excited…

Curve Tongs, £110, GHD


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