There’s nothing more satisfying than scrubbing the day off of your face and applying a deep cleansing mask to make you feel all shiny and new again. My maintenance evening is usually a Sunday but I broke my beauty schedule this week because I simply couldn’t wait to get this little gem from Skinceuticals on my face.

Containing vitamins and minerals from the earths clay, the mask is slightly lighter in colour and doesn’t have a strong scent. Fine by me, as I’ve found heavily scented products usually contain fragrance which is very drying to the skin; so far, so good. On application the texture is creamy rather than jelly as a lot of clay masks are but slides onto the complexion with ease and without mess. You only need a thin layer for it to penetrate the skins surface and leave for ten minutes until it has completely dry and looks a little chalky.

Now comes the dreaded part. I loathe removing clay masks as it’s messy, takes forever and stains my expensive, white cotton flannels! Not so with Skinceuticals. The clay turns back to a creamy texture meaning it comes off in one full swoop-hallelujah! Whatsmore, it washes off the flannel clean meaning no nasty stains. My skin feels refreshed, plump and above all, as smooth as a babies…well you know! My pores are minimised and I can feel my moisturiser sink into my skin immediately giving a dewy and clean appearance.

I’m officially converted to Skinceutical products, they feel natural and scientific instead of floral and girly, allowing them to do exactly as they promise. I wonder what they’re moisturisers are like!….

Clarifying Clay Masque, £53, Skinceuticals at HQHair.com


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