hand luggage

hand luggage

hand luggage

Hey from San Francisco! After possibly the worst flight I’ve ever had, we’ve finally arrived. I’m usually really good on flights – I’m lucky enough to travel a lot in my job and I’ve got flight organisation done to a T. I know all the tricks of packing (especially my hand luggage), the discounts to get and the best things to eat before and after boarding. What I don’t have control of, unfortunately, is turbulence! It wasn’t great, I couldn’t get comfortable and I ended up being awake for 25 hours in total. Ugh. Right now, I’m in my hotel room and I have no idea what day it is or what time but the sun is starting to come up and I’ve been wide awake for hours. Gotta love that jet lag!

When it comes to long haul flights, I’ve definitely learnt a few lessons the hard way. Until I fly by private jet (one day, I’m telling you!), my main mission is to make the flight experience as stress-free and enjoyable as it can be. This means, having everything I need within easy reach and keeping as many hands free as possible. I’ve always been a  tote handbag kinda girl for hand luggage but over the years, the contents has grown and it’s turning into some serious arm strain! I’ve been looking for a stylish shoulder bag for the best part of a year to replace my tote and every one I found was either too small or looked dated. But last week I finally found exactly what I was looking for in Dune. You guys know my obsession with all things grey so this Donty slouch bag was a no-brainer. Buttery soft, slouchy and with gold hardware, it’s structured and sophisticated but more importantly, is big enough to fit everything I need for a flight. But, the biggest draw for me was its three compartments and zipped pockets inside making it perfecting for me to organise my documents, beauty kit and other hand luggage essentials. It made my entire time at the airport an absolute dream.

Let’s take a look at what else I packed for that epic 11 hour flight…

hand luggage

hand luggage

hand luggage

RMS Beauty The Ultimate Make-Up Remover Face Wipes, £12

As soon as I get on the plane I have to take every trace of make-up off. Long haul flights are a great opportunity to pamper your skin – especially because the pressured cabins can wreak havoc with your complexion. These are soaked in coconut oil so they’re really hydrating without the usual nasties but a little oily so I have to I blot off the excess with a tissue.

Evian Face Spray, £3.75

This is a must-pack for hand luggage when you take long or short haul flights. My skin gets so dry on the plane so a couple of spriz’s of this throughout the flight keeps it fresh and hydrated. The water on planes isn’t exactly straight off the mountains and you never know what’s in it so to be safe, I only use this on my face.

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial, £49

With hours to spare, a flight is the perfect excuse to give yourself an on-board facial. Famous for her amazing facials, Sarah Chapman has bottled her treatment with a potent cocktail of (deep breathe) antioxidants, vitamins, anti-inflammatory omega oils, firming Dermaxyl peptide, jasmine and rose. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft and plumped up.

hand luggage

hand luggage

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks, £47.50

Lack of sleep is my biggest struggle on flights so I have to make sure my hand luggage is prepared. I can never get comfortable and look at those passengers who are fast asleep with total envy. How? HOW?! So I have to fake it until I find the ultimate sleeping secret. Or fly first class! These are perfect for waking up my face and as they’re clear, you won’t be scaring the crap out of your seat companion.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm, £20

Just like my eyes, my lips get so dry on flights and the only product that makes a difference is this so I tend to buy it in duty free and keep it in my hand luggage until we board.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream, £27

Yep, I’m STILL obsessed with this tinted moisturiser from one of my favourite natural beauty brands, Bare Minerals. I have a strict no make-up policy on board flights  to stop my skin being dry or breaking out but just before we land I want to look fresh-faced as I step off of the plane. So why does this make it into my hand luggage? In short, it’s more skincare than make-up with glycerin and coconut-derived ingredients to give my skin a hit of moisture while covering any redness.

Bare Minerals Prep Step SPF 50, £26

I know what your thinking, why would I need suncream in my hand luggage? But SPF is something everyone needs plastered on their face, body and hands before they board because UVA rays are so much stronger when we’re in they sky. As we’re closer to the sun, light is reflected off the clouds meaning that skin cancer risks and premature ageing are heightened. Step Prep is lightweight and sinks into my skin quickly which is ideal, because who can be bothered to navigate a tacky face along with everything else?

hand luggagehand luggage

hand luggage

Aromatherapy Associates Support Essence, £18

I’m not a germ-a-phobe normally but when it comes to public transport I totally am. This essence from Aromatherapy Associates doesn’t just smell amazing as it’s infused with eucalyptus and peppermint, but it’s also antibacterial. Just dab a few drops on a tissue and inhale throughout your flight and it’s like having a mini spa in your hand luggage!

Ray Ban Aviator Gradient Sunglasses, £134

Whether it’s to shield my eyes from the sun above the clouds or to hide my under-eye bags. These are a hand luggage must!

Kikki-K 3 am Notebook, £10

You guys know how I feel about this notebook! It’s the perfect size and is a staple in my handbag for any blog ideas or to-do lists. Flights are a great time to re-group and jot some ideas down.


Donty Handbag, £75 Dune


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