Although the end of the summer leaves us all a little depressed as we pack away our bikini’s and playsuits and unearth knitwear and boots. But now that autumn is finally here, I remember what a beautiful time of year it is. Burnt oranges, singed reds and earthy tones make the English countryside one of the most stunning places to be. And it seems that Chanel thinks so too!

Th new fall collection from the luxury fashion and beauty brand is inspired by the vibrant colour palette we’re surrounded by; from their eyeshadow palettes and nail colours to lip stains and blush. It is a new season after all, it’d be rude not to overhaul our beauty kit as well as our wardrobe….

  • I love these colors! I definitely feel like you have to pay for quality when it comes to eyeshadows. I have some makeup reviews that you might enjoy based on your posts- feel free to check it out!