Capri Colour Block Necklace, £15

Capri Colour Block Necklace, £15

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have enough accessories. It’s criminal really. I flick through glossies and scroll through blogs fawning over delicate gold chains and neon wallets, even folding down pages of things I’m going to buy-except I never get round to it. The final straw came a few weeks ago when shopping for my holiday that the page featured a beautifully bronzed model adorned in beachy trilbys, boho hoops and armfuls of bracelets. I couldn’t reach for my credit card quick enough when I saw they were Accessorize. Yep, that high street store we all know and love has pulled it out of the stylish cross body bag.

Aztec necklaces, tassel bracelets and magenta totes provide the perfect holiday accessories while straw hats, embroidered caps and buttery soft cotton scarfs add extra glamour when you hit the beach. I don’t often wear neon unless I’m heading for a workout but Accessorize’s silver hoops with a flash of bright pink or green are just the right amount to offset a golden tan.

As someone with tiny wrists (I’m talking child-like here!) I struggle to find bracelets that won’t fall off as soon as I move so I’ve completely fallen in love with these dainty strands with tiny charms and adjustable straps. They haven’t left my arms for the entire holiday, with some even ending up on my ankles! Now that I’m finally sporting a pretty impressive tan, Accessorize’s colourful summer scarfs really pop and look chic and boho teamed with jersey basics or slouchy denim. Finally, my wardrobe and accessories collection have a much-needed injection of colour and fun!

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