There aren’t many days in the week when I don’t think I should be working out. The busier I get, the guiltier I feel about not breaking a sweat. But now that the nights are getting longer I’m faced with the daily decision on my journey home – do I turn left for home or right for the gym? Left is winning more these days! I’ve always been a three or four times a week girl, and always try to fit THIS in when I can. It keeps my energy levels up and my immune system ticking over. So it’s no surprise that this week I’ve come down with a cold. Although I love HIIT and top-to-toe weight sessions, an ab workout is always top of my agenda.

When it’s cold outside and Stranger Things is calling (I binge, I admit it!) these three moves are my go-to to keep my waist lean, my strong core and my motivation peaked. I should point out that I’m not a PT but Toff is and this is just what I do in my personal workout. Ok, disclaimer over!

Lifestyle blogger Jessica Harris shares her top 3 ab workout moves


Yep, you may look and feel like a beetle stuck on its back but Pilates 100 is a perfect move to engage those deep core muscles. Lay on your back and bring your knees at 90 degrees or, if you’re feeling brave, outstretch your legs keeping your feet off the ground. Raise your chest, tuck your chin and stretch your arms out to shoulder level or a bit below. Pulse your hands as quickly as possible for as long as you can.


Whatever fitness level you’re at, I guarantee that this one will get your abs where you want them to be! Begin by holding two benches or two free standing dip bars with your knees slightly bent. Take your weight into your arms, embrace your abs and slowly lift your feet off the floor and extend your legs. If you can only manage a couple of seconds, that’s absolutely fine or you can bring one foot off at a time to get used to the move.

Lifestyle blogger Jessica Harris shares her top 3 ab workout moves


It took me a long time to feel the effects of this simple move. For me, I like to leave it until the end of an ab workout as my muscles are engaged and I get more of a burn. You can do it on your knees for an easier option to start with or your feet which will force your core to stabilise. If you want more of a challenge you can either reach your top arm under your waist and back out again or add a weight to your top arm to make your midsection work harder.