post summer beauty

What I’m about to say may be a little controversial. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and it might be a hard pill to swallow but, here goes. Summer’s over. I know, cue audible gasps everywhere and I hate to be negative but…have you looked outside? It’s fine, I’m actually OK with it. Hell, I’m even looking forward to a few cosy nights in in front of the fire. And with that comes some serious post-summer beauty TLC. Yay! You all know how I feel when a new product launches or I’m introduced to an oldy but a goody for the first time. It’s like Christmas morning and today’s fab five are a mixture of both. But they all have one thing in common – the ability to make you feel like the best version of yourself, just in time for the new season.

I love summer and I use the warm weather and far flung locations as a great excuse to embrace the tools I have around me – sun, sea and a lot of suncream. The result? In my mind, a kinky haired, bronzed and freckled beach bum. In reality it’s probably more Worzel Gummage than Gisele Bundchen but I reassure myself that at least my hair is free from straighteners and my skin sans foundation is getting a good dose of fresh air. Hmm….this may be true but while we think we’re giving our skin and hair a rest from the norm, we’re actually replacing one vice with another. Chlorine, sea salt and scorching temperatures can dish out a host of problems from pigmentation and dry skin to torched hair and fading colour. I think I’m experiencing all of the fore-mentioned right now so I’ve stocked up on some super nourishing deliciousness for some post-summer beauty pampering.

post-summer beauty

Heal Gel Body, £24.50

Fun fact – give me any beauty product that has simple, minimal, almost science-y packaging and I’m ooh-ing and ahh-ing more than a firework display. Especially when it barely tells you what it does on the front. I’m intrigued. It turns out this is a super intense healing (no kidding!) balm that is a must if you’re struggling to retain moisture in your skin. When I got back from Malta, something happened that hadn’t happened before – I got weird, dry knees. Knees! Don’t ask me why, I have no idea, but two nights of Heal Gel on them and they’re softer than a baby’s bum.

Double Serum, £56 Clarins

If ever my skin is in a jam, there are five brands I turn to and Clarins is one of them. Especially right now when I have major skin guilt. I love the sun – there, I said it. Although I’m trying to up my suncream factor and hide under hats and parasols, I love the sun. I will happily stay out from sunrise to sundown and it’s not until I get into the harsh light of the UK that I desperately try to re-trace my skin steps. This intensive anti-ageing serum helps with this unrealistic task as it has 20 plant extracts that plump the complexion. Two weeks in to my post-summer beauty routine and, the lines are still there but my skin looks glowing, healthy and more even in texture for sure.

post-summer beauty

post-summer beauty

Nipple Balm For Lips, £12 Dr Lipp

I had to put ‘for lips’ right up front and centre in case there was any confusion and you thought you’d clicked onto a mummy blog! I’d heard a lot about this cult product but was yet to try it out and all I can say is ‘what took me so long?’ We often remember to apply moisturiser on our face and body but tend to forget about areas like or eyes and lips during the hotter months. My post-summer beauty regime isn’t without a fast-working lip balm and this can take my pout from dry to glossy in under a day.

The Ritual Of Sakura Shower Foam, £8.50 Rituals

Oh yes, it is most definitely as exotic and beautiful as its name suggests. I have recently been introduced to Rituals and I’m in love with their entire range. If you want a home-made spa in your bathroom, this gel-to-foam shower experience is a great place to start. I’m not really that fussed about shower gels, they do the job and I struggle to find much else to say. Until I tried this. Not only is it fun to use as you watch it expand and froth up (for the kid in us!), it coated my skin in a layer of moisture that I’ve never seen in a shower gel before. I’m so excited to try some more of their products over the next few weeks!

post-summer beauty

post-summer beauty

Miraculous Recover Deep Conditioner, £4.66 John Frieda

I feel like this product completely sums up everything I need right now. A miraculous recovery! I tend to lose track of John Frieda’s new products, there seems to be so many I get a little overwhelmed standing at the shelves in Boots, but this is such a must-have for my post-summer beauty routine. I’ve been putting this on the lengths once a week for four weeks and my hair is so easy to style – it’s shiny, silk but full of body.


“You all know how I feel when a new product launches or I’m introduced to an oldy but a goody for the first time. It’s like Christmas morning and today’s fab five are a mixture of both.”