If you’re anything like me, trawling through Instagram and Twitter feeds lusting after bloggers designer outfits is one of my favourite things to do. So, when it came to starting my own blog, doing outfit posts wasn’t something I really planned on doing. I always felt really intimidated compared to the big bloggers with their glossy hair, model poses and latest catwalk-worthy pieces. As much as I would love to have a wardrobe full of designer clothes, the reality is that I’m in the middle of buying my first house and I don’t even own a wardrobe right now! All of my money is going on new windows and skirting boards – all very glamorous! I look at all my favourite bloggers rocking the latest Loewe handbag or YSL shoes and lust after their thousand-pound-outfit.

But, I wanted to do the odd fashion post anyway to, I guess show that you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest must-haves to feel amazing and put-together. And above all, it’s actually something I’m really starting to enjoy. I’m not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination but I’m starting to learn how to work my way around a camera and how to move my body to get the right angles and I’m loving it! It’s a little stressful and embarrassing at times but it’s so much fun. So, please bear with me in the meantime, I feel like I’m very much learning on the job and it’s reassuring to know that you guys are on this “journey” (as cheesy as that is!) with me. If it’s something you like or want to see more of, please let me know and comment below, I always love to hear what you all think.

I wanted to change my surroundings a little for my second fashion post and as my boyfriend, Toff and I were off to the Cotswolds for the weekend I grabbed my Olympus Pen camera, shoved it in his hand and got going! We always try to go to the Burford, Stow-on-the-Wold area this time of year because it’s so beautiful and festive. But, wow is it cold! I always like to rock a little (faux) fur this time of year to keep warm. I know lots of you will probably have your own opinions on the real vs fake fur debate but for me personally, I prefer to play it safe and ease my conscience by opting for the synthetic version. I don’t judge anyone who prefers the real thing but there’s so many amazing fake versions that I struggle to tell these days. Here’s how you can add a little fur to your winter wardrobe without looking like roadkill.


As much as I love a proper coat, as a country girl, there’s nothing more practical and stylish than a faux fur gilet. I’m never one temperature, I’m hot one minute and freezing the next so a gilet gives me the best of both worlds without having to lug a heavy coat around. Not only is it less bulky than a full on fur coat, like that it leaves my arms free, which gives a more streamlined silhouette.


There’s something about fur and leather-look leggings that looks so sleek. The shine and tight fit of the trousers against the matte texture and oversized fit of my gilet balance each other out perfectly and just make the outfit look a lot more expensive than it is. And trust me, expensive it is not!


If going all-out with fur is a little daunting, there are so many amazing accessories that are giving a nod to the trend now that you can add just a hint of fur to your outfit. I have a pair of leopard print ponyskin (not real ponies, don’t worry!) stilettos from Kurt Geiger that I absolutely love and, although they’re not technically fur, I love adding that bit of texture to my outfit. Other options could be a gorgeous hat (Russian-style or bobble) or gloves which can finish off your outfit perfectly.