3 nail polishes

3 nail polishes

3 nail polishes3 nail polishes

I’ve had a beauty epiphany. My nails used to be my pride and joy – dots, stripes, multicolours – they were like works of art. But as I’ve got older (it’s not one of those coming of age posts again, I promise!), I’ve started having gels and the colour dilemma has become too much to bear. I sit in the chair with the nail polish colours in front of me and panic. This is a real commitment, it’s serious stuff. It’s going to be on my fingers for 4-6 weeks and it needs to be right, they need to go with everything and I need to love them every time I look down. When I’m typing or texting or cooking dinner, I need to be so glad I chose that colour.

I’ve found that my choice of colours in my home, wardrobe and beauty have altered so much in the last 12 months. I’m starting to veer away from bright colours and opt for muted, timeless shades. Colours that are a little more sophisticated, that look luxe and go with everything. This new-found philosophy has now spilled into my manicures and I’ve fallen in love with 3 nail polish colours that have become my absolute go-to’s when I have a manicure. If in doubt, you just can’t go wrong with a nude, a deep red and a dark, almost black polish.

Nail Polish in Simplicity, £14.50 Nailberry

Free from chemical’s, Nailberry’s formula allows air and moisture to pass through the nail polish for healthier nails. So, not only are they better for your talons, they have an amazing collection of colours. I love the berry shades but their nudes are the best I’ve found. There are so many different variations that you’re bound to find one that compliments your skintone. I rock a nude nail all year round but they look especially good if your hands have got a bit of a tan to give them a bit of distinction.

Le Vernis Nail Polish in 669 Chataigne, £18 Chanel

This may look like a reddy brown in the bottle but after two coats it actually comes out a lot darker and almost looks black. I know black nails is a little daunting for some but if they look really striking and even more so on shorter nails – less Morticia Addams! Chanel’s nail polishes go on really well and last around 4 days before chipping which is pretty good for non-gel polish.

Nail Polish in Sloane Mews, £14 Nails Inc

Is it me or do Nails Inc polishes last forever? OK, maybe not literally but I’ve got some that are at least a year old and are as runny as the day I bought them. I think there’s something about a deep red nail that’s so much sexier than a bright red one. It’s sleek, stylish and suits pale or olive skin, long or short nails. I wear a dark red more than any other dark colour and Nails Inc nail polishes leave a gorgeous glossy finish, even without a top coat.

So, those are my 3 must-have nail polishes, what are yours?


Chanel £18