Blogger Jessica Harris shares the beauty tools that changed her skin

I feel like 2017 was the year that my skin went through some shit. In beauty terms, it had a bit of a moment and it threw me for a loop. I’ve always been obsessed with skincare, especially if it promised to cure my rosacea but I’ve never really had to deal with spots, even as a teenager. But this year, coming off the pill threw it into turmoil. For at least 6 months and it left me miserable. Little angry red blemishes set up camp on my chin and refused to leave. They had squatters rights and they stayed no matter what I did. So I started looking into beauty tools. I’d tried everything I was supposed to to deal with hormonal skin but it was lacking everything – definition, glow and smoothness.

After doing a lot of research and speaking to some amazing experts, there were three beauty tools that kept cropping up to make the biggest difference to skin and tackle all elements. I’ve used each of these for about 4 months now and they have, without a doubt changed how much skin looks and feels. It’s still not where I want it to be in time for the wedding but I have time and am well on my way. Ultimately I think I have pretty difficult skin. It’s not problematic and thankfully the blemishes have all but gone but it’s fussy for sure. High maintenance at best! So this trio keep it on the straight and narrow.



I’ve been on a bit of a break from The Clarisonic most of this year. I’m not sure why because as soon as I picked it up I remembered how much I love it. Tiny imperfections are my bug bear when it comes to my skin and they stop it from looking its best. Miniscule blackheads to the odd blocked pore – a magnified mirror is my new best friend! The Clarisonic (with my new radiance head) is the only thing I can use that makes my skin feel really clean. And I mean, no trace of make-up, dirt or grease kinda clean! It pulsates deep beneath the surface layer of skin and gives it this beautiful glass-like finish.



If you want to read my full review of The Swiss Clinic dermaroller you can read it HERE. This product has changed everything for me and I can’t stop recommending it to everyone. At least 12 people have bought it since I told them about it – Swiss Clinic owe me! Ive recently upgraded from the 0.2mm to the 0.5mm and it’s made a huge difference. Sure, rolling tiny needles into your face may not sound like something you’d want to do on a Saturday afternoon but you won’t regret it. By making microtears in the skin your body produces more collagen than ever to ‘repair’ them meaning your face gets a healthy dose of the good stuff. My skin looks smoother, less lined and plumper by morning and those little blemish scars fade with every use.



Celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman is a woman who knows amazing skin. I’ve spoken to her many a times but am yet to have one of her incredible treatments. The next best thing is her Skinesis massager tool. It looks a little odd, I’ll grant you that but I can’t believe the effect it’s had. Unbeknown to me, I hold a lot of tension in my face. I only know this because as soon as I rolled this contraption over my skin, it hurt. Not a lot, no more than when you have a massage on your aching shoulders but enough for me to realise I needed this beauty tool. By draining toxins, encouraging oxygen and reducing puffiness the 48 nodules refine and tone the skin to leave your face more defined and naturally contoured. Plus it feels like you having a mini facial in your own bathroom.

With my wedding a few months away I’m in full swing getting my skin into the best condition ever so expect to see a lot more skincare posts very soon! If there’s anything you want to know, email, Instagram, Tweet or comment below.